3 Myths Search Engine Optimization

If you have a question, there’s a good chance that a Google search can answer it. Thanks to its availability on mobile devices, a world of information is available in the tablets, smartphones and laptops of billions of people across the globe. If you’re a business, you’ll naturally want to be found on Google, but how do your customers see you in a sea of online competitors? Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, may be the answer to this question.

SEO has been a buzzword in the world of digital marketing NZ for many years now. It’s a rapidly changing industry with much unknown potential, so it’s only natural that its bound to have a few myths surrounding it over time. We’ll discuss and debunk a few common myths you may have heard about SEO.

  1. Search Engines Are on A Mission to Catch You Out

SEO can seem challenging to crack. The rules change all the time, and the possibility of facing penalties lurk around unexpected corners. If you’re worried about this, remember that if you aim to make website users happy you won’t go wrong. Always keep in mind the fact that Google and other search engines care most about the user experience. These are their main clients. If the users are happy, then Google is happy. It’s not about catching you in the wrong – it about encouraging you to make consistent improvements to your website based on the evolving needs of users. Stay on the ball by being adaptable.

  1. Keywords Don’t Matter Anymore

This argument pops up in every other discussion about SEO. There’s been a myriad of developments which indicate that voice and image search will soon become the preferred means of looking for information. However, this doesn’t make keywords obsolete. Keywords give insight into what users want and why they search the way they do. In-depth research and targeted use of keywords still produce results. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can always contact an SEO expert in Auckland for advice.

  1. If You Get It Right Once, You’re Set for Life

There’s no such thing as being done with SEO. Optimisation requires continuous work. The way that users engage content is continuously changing, and so are the search engines themselves. Your SEO strategy should keep up with these changes if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Want to learn more about what SEO can do for your business? Then contact an agency offering SEO expertise like Sprocket Digital for advice.


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