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Marketing Lingo 101 - Online Marketing | Sprocket Digital

Marketing Lingo 101 – Common Terms Explained

When you make a choice to implement online marketing strategies for your company, it can be overwhelming to hear so many acronyms and terms that are […]
Market Segmentation - What it is and Why You Need This Strategy | Sprocket Digital

Market Segmentation: What it is and Why You Need This Strategy

Identifying your target demographic is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of creating a foundation for your marketing campaign. You need to know who is […]
Optimisation Tips for Google's Featured Snippets | Sprocket Digital

Optimisation Tips for Google’s Featured Snippets

How often have you searched for something in Google and found a helpful box that pops in the search results with a fast answer to your […]

How to Ensure that Your Business Stands Out Online

Customers are bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of advertisements on a daily basis, which means that it is easy for your message to get lost […]
Mobile App Advertising - What You Need to Know | Sprocket Digital

Mobile App Advertising: What You Need to Know

According to Time Magazine, most people check their phones at least 46 times a day. How often do you pick up your phone for entertainment or […]

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