Conversion Rate Optimisation

How Page Speed Affects Your ROI

The link between page speed, conversion rate, and ROI When you’re looking at ways to increase your revenue, conversions, and ROI you probably think along the lines of acquiring more leads and streamlining your sales process.  But among the many tools that can influence conversion rates, one is often underestimated: page speed.  Studies have shown …

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Common Misconceptions About CRO

Common Misconceptions About CRO

One of the least understood marketing practices is conversion rate optimisation or CRO, which is the art of getting customers to convert by making various changes to your website. Not understanding something isn’t really a problem until it starts to cost you money. You don’t want to spend money trying to convert leads if your …

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CRO graphic showing an A/B split testing funnel

5 Ways CRO Benefits SEO

As a business with a website, you’ll have goals that you want to be met, especially when it comes to site traffic. Your website is essentially a sales platform which should drive visitors to complete the desired actions. There are many ways you can improve the effectiveness of this platform, and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) …

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