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Although Pushbikes had a website for some time, it never reached its full potential as a source of sales - until Sprocket came along.

Pushbikes are a bicycle retailer in Canterbury, with two brick-and-mortar stores in Rangiora and Papanui and an online eCommerce website. They’ve worked hard to establish themselves as the go-to shop for cycling enthusiasts, but needed help conquering the online realm. 

With Sprocket’s help, Pushbikes has now turned their website into a strong and steady sales machine, bringing in a second source of income and smashing their goals along the way.

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The Challenge:

Pushbikes had a simple website with only a few product listings. They’d been using paid advertising to bring in traffic but found that previous agencies weren’t able to deliver the return on investment they had hoped for, and as soon as they dialled down their ad spend, the traffic - and sales - would dry up. 

Sprocket’s challenge was to deliver sustainable and ongoing traffic and sales for Pushbikes’ website, and to improve their ROI to make the website not only profitable but worth the investment.

"We needed a marketing agency that could deliver results, plain and simple. The only really quantifiable sign of a successful marketing campaign is sales, that’s what business owners like myself are really interested in.”

- Richard Allin, Owner of Pushbikes


The Solution:

Sprocket began by running paid ads for Pushbikes which provided useful data from which we could develop a strong organic strategy. For example, the high converting search terms that were discovered through the paid campaigns - and were already proven to work - formed a key part of the SEO keyword plan. 

Sprocket also rolled out on-site technical SEO optimisation as well as refreshed copy and blogs to improve the user experience and deliver a smoother overall journey from discovery to purchase. 

Finally, the entire online network was optimised, taking care of all digital elements. Using the initial data collected from the paid campaigns as well as from the on-site optimisation, we were able to create a highly targeted strategy that would deliver satisfying results.

“Often, we like to jump in with paid advertising first, and generate enough revenue from that to invest back into more long term strategies like SEO. What usually happens when you stop paying for ads is that the revenue just stops. That’s why we’re launching this organic strategy to keep them growing in the medium and long term.”

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital


The Results:

Pushbikes has seen fantastic growth through their organic channels since Sprocket began optimisation in mid-2020. 

As of February 2021:

  • Users are up 173% year-on-year
  • Goal completions have risen by 292% year-on-year 
  • Revenue from organic streams has grown by 3,673% year-on-year (and no, that’s not a typo!)

These impressive results for Pushbikes are continuing to grow and create an enormous positive impact on their business. Now, they are consistently generating online sales through the website, which alleviates the pressure on their brick-and-mortar retail stores. 

Their eCommerce website is now a major contributor to their business turnover, rather than an afterthought. This allows them to keep on growing their business and serving a greater number of customers across New Zealand for years to come. 

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