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Google Advertising (or as it’s now known, Google Ads) is a tried and tested way to get more leads and sales for your business, provided you do your research and make sure your Ads are tested and optimised for the correct keywords and targeted at the right audience. Many businesses pour their time and effort into this but don’t put the same amount of energy into the creating and optimising of the landing page that their Google Ads lead to. Failure to optimise your landing pages will likely end in lead leakage and reduce sales.

To make sure your landing page is on track, here are five points to keep in mind to optimise it for conversions.

1. Know Your Audience

When we say that you should know your audience, we mean that you should know what they love, hate, enjoy, and so on. Your audience will stay on a page if they can relate to its content. Use social media conversations and surveys as well as analytics to get in their heads and find the right keywords to use. Being able to communicate in their voice will help you create a winning landing page.

2. Be Creative

Dull and boring content won’t get you anywhere. Lists of a product or service’s statistics and features will get information across but won’t be enjoyable to read. It would help if you hooked your readers into being interested and informed.

3. Get to The Point

There’s a good chance your clients have landed on your landing page during their lunch break, or when they need a solution urgently. In both cases, you don’t have all day to keep them hooked. Don’t waffle about, you need to tell them what they need to do next – but remember to keep point two in mind as you do it.

4. Offer Solutions

A landing page isn’t there to inform your client or entertain them. It’s there to get them to provide you with their email, purchase something or request a quote/consultation. Make it clear that you’re offering a tangible solution to a specific problem they have, and precisely what they need to do to access the answer – through a clear Call-To-Action.

Optimising your landing page is essential, and many other factors can also influence your conversions such as your page load speed and even the colours you use on your page. Sprocket Digital can help you create your Google advertising campaigns and optimise your web page for the maximum amount of conversions. Contact us today to learn how we are helping business achieve better results for the same investment.


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