Infographic showing how Facebook Dynamic Ads work

Have you noticed anything different about the ads you’ve seen on Facebook lately? Don’t worry; you’re not seeing things that aren’t there – Facebook has launched what they call a Dynamic Product Ads, which targets customers who have visited your website & viewed products but haven’t fully converted. Here is everything you need to know about Facebook Dynamic Ads so that you can include them in future Facebook marketing strategies.

What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads?
Imagine adverts that can target the customers you want to reach, from all the relevant stages of your sales funnel. These dynamic ads allow you to feature multiple products in one published post, or to feature products that your customers have previously viewed or purchased online. This format immediately means that your prospective customers are being targeted with advertising that matches their level of intent, and shows the products that they may have considered purchasing in the past. A Facebook Dynamic advert is an innovative and effective way to convert customers who are one step away from making a sale.

How Does Facebook Do It?
As a business owner who is also a digital marketing novice, you might be asking yourself how Facebook knows which stage of the sales funnel your customers are. It’s simple – Facebook uses a tool called the Facebook pixel to track which pages, online stores and websites your customers have viewed recently.

Similar to cookies, if your customer has been looking at buying a designer handbag online, Facebook will provide sponsored content in your feed, which includes the exact item that was almost purchased. The sponsored content will also include other products which are similar in name, brand, design and colour. Dynamic ads even show a customer that they recently added an item to a shopping cart in an online store, reminding them to finalise their purchase. Dynamic ads not only provide what your target is interested in but encourage customers to buy items they’re already interested in spending money on.

If you want to increase your social media marketing efforts, Facebook Dynamic ads are a step in the right direction. By focusing on your conversion funnels, your leads will be shown adverts featuring content that they’re interested in, right onto their Facebook feed. Dynamic ads increase visibility and convert prospects into paying customers in just a few clicks. Does your business need this? Why don’t you try it out and see the benefits for yourself by contacting Sprocket Digital today!


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