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While the yellow pages directory continues to collect dust, the growth of people using their smartphones to jump onto the internet to look for a product or service is massive! For that reason, businesses have been adding mobile marketing to their digital strategies, so that they can generate more leads through online advertising. Here’s everything you need to know about mobile marketing, and why you should consider using it for your own business.

What Is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile marketing involves creating formalised marketing strategies which are optimised to appeal to people who use mobile devices. When it’s done right, marketers can provide time- and location-sensitive information to their target audience, when they need it, and wherever they are. It also involves the optimisation of online ads, which appear on mobile devices. Depending on the social media platform, website or app, the formats, styles and customisation of online ads can vary. However, they all have unique mobile options to choose from so that the user experience isn’t compromised.

Why You Need A Mobile Marketing Strategy
We use our mobile devices for almost everything. We don’t leave the house without a smartphone, and we spend a significant amount of time every day using it. Therefore, if you want to market your business and remain relevant to your target audience, you should begin formalising a mobile marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to execute a mobile strategy, and you can’t just do it in a day. You need to find out what type of strategy will work for you, depending on your business, the industry you’re in, your available budget and target audience. Examples of mobile marketing strategies include the following:

  • App-Based Marketing
  • Location-Based Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • In-Game Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Search Ads
  • Mobile Display Banners
  • Mobile Image Ads
  • Mobile Video Ads

Every kind of mobile marketing strategy points to where your online adverts will appear, which means that you need to understand who your target audience is, what their interests are, and what they enjoy doing for work or in their spare time.

When you’re ready, a digital marketing specialist will be able to guide you through the process of delving into the world of mobile marketing. Fortunately, because the world uses mobile devices so frequently, your efforts should be successful once you research your targeted demographic. Have questions? Reach out to Sprocket Digital. We’re online marketing specialists who can help you navigate this area of marketing.


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