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Display Advertising for beginners

Whether we refer to it as display advertising or not, we’ve all engaged with it before. You know the ads we’re talking about: banners or billboards that appear across your go-to websites.

These paid advertising spaces are small, and can easily become lost in the mix if the creative isn’t strong enough. In order to maximise performance, you need to create a range of ads in different dimensions that include a great call to action, concise copywriting and bold imagery. That’s where Sprocket Digital comes in.

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Sprocket Digital is a boutique digital marketing company based in Auckland that helps small and medium sized business owners navigate the multitude of digital marketing options.


The science behind display ads

The Google Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites, and is essentially a match-maker between your banner ads, targeting preferences and available placements. Google Display ads are also easy to measure; every click can be measured and reported on, which means ongoing optimisation can lead to huge performance increases over time. Sprocket Digital provides real-time reports showing your return on investment via leads, sales or a combination of both.

Putting your brand in front of more faces

Display ads are great, but from a user’s perspective they can be annoying – and therefore ignored. When a user consciously decides to visit a website, it’s usually for a specific purpose, like to read the news, find out some information about a product, or buy a novelty toothbrush.

That’s where an expert digital marketing agency comes in handy. The team at Sprocket Digital understands the ins and outs of great display advertising, remarketing and retargeting, which means we’ve got your back when it comes to producing effective display ads.

First things first: strategy. Our team sits down with you to create a display advertising strategy that takes into consideration when, where and how to use it. We hone your goals, specify audience targeting and nail your creative. The most successful display ads target potential customers by positioning interesting, relevant messages right in front of their face, at a time when they’re most likely to click and convert. There’s a science to Display Advertising – and Sprocket Digital has a proven track record.


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