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Visual Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are just a few platforms that have changed the online marketing industry. These social sites can offer excellent traffic generation opportunities, but you need to be sure that your content and visual marketing is visible where your target customers are spending time.

Written Content vs. Visual Content

There’s no doubt that content will always be “King” online. While written words have been a foundational part of internet marketing for many years, visual content is quickly becoming an essential element as well. Viewers want to see videos and images that capture their attention and spark interest.

Don’t think that the increase in the use of visual content means that the written word is going away. Instead, it is essential that you employ a combined approach that uses both written and visual content distribution.

For example, a photo on Facebook won’t have the same impact as a photo with an intriguing caption. Additionally, a blog post is boring without a relevant photo to capture the attention of the reader. Often, the images are used to bring attention to your page or post. Then, the words will continue to engage the person when they are looking for additional information.

Shaping the Brand of Your Company

One of the benefits of using visual content is that you have the opportunity to shape the brand that is being created for your company. Be deliberate with the style of images and videos that are published on social platforms. The tone that you set will show that you are serious about your online marketing efforts and you are leader in the industry.

Most business owners don’t have the time or experience to craft an effecting visual marketing campaign. These images are needed for social media, blog posts, retargeting ads, YouTube and more. But, you don’t need to become a graphic design expert to help your company succeed online. Instead, focus on the growth of your company while an experienced team manages the efforts that are required for an effective campaign.

You can access personalized recommendations for your business efforts by talking to our team at Sprocket Digital. Not only do we understand the most effective marketing techniques, but we are working hard to stay ahead of the industry trends. Tap into the expertise that we offer, knowing that you will receive the best outcome from your online marketing campaign.


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