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    Search Engine Optimisation


    There are lots of misconceptions about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Where other digital marketing solutions such as AdWords are easier to understand, SEO can seem daunting. Today, most business owners understand the importance of investing in SEO, but they’re not sure exactly what it is, how much they need to invest, or what a positive outcome should look like.

    Put simply, SEO marketing is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in the ‘organic’ listings of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) such as Google or Bing. Generally, the higher your ranking the greater your visibility, which delivers more website visitors and conversions to your business.

    For example, if a person with a broken-down car searches ‘mt eden mechanic’ on Google, and you’re a mechanic based in Mt Eden, Auckland, you would probably see value in being among the top search results. A true measure of success would require full conversion tracking but if you top the list, your SEO marketing would likely be delivering results

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    How search engines like Google rank websites from super-popular to absolute obscurity is very top-secret. Google uses highly-complex, ever-changing algorithms that separate the best from the rest. This means that a great SEO strategy isn’t a one-off; it requires ongoing management to make sure your website is ticking all of Google’s search requirement boxes at any time.

    Sound complicated? It is a little bit – but that’s why getting an SEO expert is a good idea. The team at Sprocket Digital are highly experienced with SEO marketing. We know the ins and out when it comes to successful SEO marketing for businesses like yours. Great SEO doesn’t happen overnight though; a successful SEO campaign is the result of combining hard work with a well thought out strategy and embracing the long game.

    So, what does great SEO marketing look like? A complete SEO strategy involves a good balance of both on-page and off-page optimisation that’s designed to increase a website’s trust and authority online, both directly and by association. While you already know you’re awesome, Google and other search engines base your perceived popularity on your online reputation which is developed over time.

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing an SEO campaign around keywords with high search traffic, but this is often based on emotion rather than hard data and does not necessarily deliver a positive revenue return. SEO advertising should be structured around keywords that are proven to drive leads or sales based on actual conversion data rather than just website visits.

    Unfortunately there is no silver bullet for SEO marketing and there are no guarantees in terms of time frame of results or page position. But if you partner with an expert online marketing agency that manages and measures your SEO marketing correctly, your return on investment (ROI) can be accurately calculated

    While paid search continues to trend upwards in cost, SEO on average is more cost-effective than all other digital channels. A well-planned SEO strategy will be a key component within a high-performing campaign that will take the pressure off paid ads while tying everything together and creating a powerful and complete online foundation. Need to be pointed in the right direction? Working alongside an Auckland SEO expert like Sprocket Digital is a great place to start.


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    Thanks to Luke and the team at Sprocket for their fabulous online marketing work, its been great having a transparent process whereby we can see and hear what’s going on! We have used other competitors in the past, Sprockets technology is far superior and has exceeded our expectations, we wont be going anywhere else for our online marketing.Bryce Leckie
    Leck Electrical
    We started using Sprocket for our Google Ad words only at the beginning of June 2018 - in only 2 months we noticed a huge difference in the amount of leads coming in. They have been amazingly helpful and I really like our monthly catch ups. They are great on knowing where we are at and how things are working. Something that really lacked with a previous supplier.
    Sarah Lucas
    I have been using Sprocket Digital for over a year now across two different websites. They do a great job, if you have a question, nothing is too difficult to answer. Most importantly - the results are great.
    Mike Williams
    Great Service, very transparent, very quick to investigate any request we have. Highly recommended. A shining light in an industry of bad actors.
    Marco Di-Cesare
    Great team of guys, always willing to help and have a depth of knowledge second to none in the AdWords and optimisation space. Have recommended them several times to friends and clients already so it is great they are out there getting real feedback from real clients and partners.
    Hans Dieter Schulte
    Since opening our familyBusiness way back in 1980 we have seen many changes in our industry and in retail in general. We must admit being old school it took our family business awhile to get our heads around the new way of marketing. Radio, local magazines ,newspapers, calendars and sponsorships drift and drag cars etc where are primary means of marketing and provided us with a reasonable conversion rate in the past.Dan from Sprocket digital having worked in our industry himself was a breath of fresh air.Trying to sort through all the garbage and jargon that goes with online advertising can be confusing and a daunting task.We tried serval other firms who simply didnt deliver but were experts in taking our hard earned cash.Actually we were ready to pull the plug on this whole new way of getting our business name out into the community as we really felt let down and ripped off by Dan's opposition .
    anthony wright
    Luke and the team are not like the other cowboys in this industry. Would highly recommend their well trusted service. Great communication throughout, with clear gains in online presence. Thanks again for your help!
    Louis Taylor
    We highly recommend Sprocket. We have been working with Harry & the team over the past year and have found them to be both very professional, and highly responsive to our business requirements!
    Paul & Jo Weaver
    We use Sprocket Digital for our Google adwords and SEO, we have been through a few companies to find a great one. Dan and the team are so attentive and the monthly catch ups keep us informed with what is working and what is not. Great friendly team to work with and we would highly recommend these guys, especially after the horrible experience we have had with previous companies. They have restored our faith! 🙂
    Sasha Langham
    The team at Sprocket Digital are awesome! I highly recommend them!Special thanks to Jared and Harry for all your help! You both have been wonderful to work with! I look forward to taking my business to the next level with your help! 🙂
    Ajmal Sarfraz
    I have been with Dan and the guys at sprocket digital for 8 months and now with my advertising being correctly managed and monitored we are progressing in leaps and bounds. I would not hesitate to recommend, these guys are truly professionals.
    Solution Roofing Limited
    We've dealt with other SEO companies and Sprocket have been by far the best when it comes keeping us up to date and helping us work towards our goals.I recommend them before anyone else.
    Lewis Callaghan
    I have recently moved my advertising to sprocket digital after a friend recommended them ,and i have been very impressed with them so far i am getting 70% more traffic to my website than i was with the last company i was using. I highly recommend Sprocket Digital Ross
    Ross Collins
    Harry and the team at Sprocket have been great to work with and have implemented some great strategies, which have resulted in solid returns for our ecommerce business and we continue to see improvements month on month. Highly recommend. For an ecommerce business operating 24/7 having partners that are always available and response is really important, the Sprocket team meet that need.
    Hamish Pirie
    Spocket Digital have taken over our AdWords & SEO from a large agency. Our experience has been awesome. The monthly meetings to keep us up to date on progress helps us learn and understand digital marketing.
    Karen Grantham
    We have been a customer with sprocket digital since last year Sept. We have noticed the huge difference the leads coming towards us very soon. Also I have to mention Jeard as our account manager, he is always keep us updated and very friendly. Highly recommend him in the team sprocket digital:)
    Great team of very knowledgeable staff. Results driven and the reporting system to track results is exceptional. Has made a big difference to our online marketing efforts. Thanks Sprocket Digital.
    Jason Korff
    Dan and the team at Sprocket have crafted an effective campaign that consistently brings new valuable enquirers to our business. All we need to do is answer the phone and convert them into customers and keep them happy, easy!!
    Robert Smith
    Dan and the team have done a terrific job of expanding our digital marketing horizons. They are friendly, easy to deal with & go above and beyond to make sure that we have all of the information that we require about everything they are doing for us. If you are looking for a smart agency who really knows their stuff then get in touch - we're on track to have the best year the company has ever had!
    Alvin Chisnall
    In an industry full of Cow Boys Sprocket Digital are the only Digital Marketing company I can confidently refer my clients to. If you value integrity and transparency with how your marketing dollar is spent look no further.
    Allan Buchan
    We have been working with Sprocket Digital for almost a year now. Dan has done a great job with our campaigns in a relatively short span of time .Thumbs up to Dan, Josh, Carolina and of course Luke! Keep it up guys, really enjoy working with this team!
    Faisal Khan
    We have been working with Harry at Sprocket for a number of months now and these guys are trustworthy SEO experts, unlike other providers we have worked with
    Robert Stickland
    Sprocket Digital have been managing our AdWords for nearly 3 years now, they have consistently provided great service and great results. Highly recommend.
    Simon Rose
    Jared Grib is our go to guy at Sprocket and nothing is too much trouble for him. He is honest and transparent and can discuss digital marketing in laymans terms for the uneducated!! Great Agency in a world of 'so called experts' Sprocket walk the talk.
    Sonya Biddulph
    Really happy with the customer service and results that I have received from Sprocket Digital. Highly recommend getting in touch with the team!
    Logan Felts
    Highly Recommend Sprocket Digital! We have only been with them for a few months so far, however, ever since jumping on-board with them our online sales have rocketed! Their continuous support is amazing, always there to help when ever needed! They're constantly thinking of new ideas and initiatives to improve our business's competitive edge online which has been incredibly helpful. Dan is our Account Manager. He has become an extension of our team, constantly bringing new tips and tricks to improve our brand while also injecting high energy and enthusiasm into the team.
    Alex Mclachlan
    Luke & Josh at Sprocket Digital are world class. They have helped me build my business and make it a success. Thanks team
    Richard Goodall
    Highly recommend Sprocket Digital! There on-going support has helped our business grow & we look forward to continuing to work with them. Jarrod, Josh and the team always keep us up to date with specialized sales/marketing tips and tricks to give our business the competitive edge!
    Jessica Barry
    We have been working with Dan from Sprocket Digital for the last 2.5 years and found it is very personal, successfully relationship. I would highly recommend their services.
    Jp Franklin Roofing
    Sprocket Digital has been great! They've helped me grow and always have time to talk. Jarrod handles our business and is always updating me with helpful information. Highly recommend them!!!
    Joseph McLean
    Love the team at sprocket. Josh and Luke have given our business a very personalized experience, always on call to our queries and have provided us with tangible results. Would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their digital presence in the way of SEO or Add Words!
    Steven Zinsli
    Iv'e been working with Sproket digital for a few years now and they are just easy to deal with and make things simple for me
    Ken Parfoot
    Dan and the team have been great, from the start of our relationship we have been kept up to date, informed and advised. Learned a lot about the process from Dan because the language is simple and straight forward. No cutting corners, no BS and great results!
    Greg Cramond
    Josh and Luke are great to work with, I cannot fault them. They are always there to help and we consistently see great results.
    Helen Dudley
    Sprocket have treated us with nothing but professionalism over the last 5 years or so. They never come asking for more money for some campaign of mystery, just real world functional advertising. A+
    Ben Thompson
    Great work! Sprocket did exactly what they said they were going to do.. . Helped my small business get off the ground. I base a lot of my companies success on Sprockets marketing skills. Thanks again.
    Alistair Grayson
    Sprocket Digital have been managing our online programs for the last 2 years. We would highly recommend them. Dan is a great communicator and very proactive with driving our advertising.
    Karen Chapman
    We wasted thousands of dollars with two other companies before I received a call from Luke at Sprocket. His in depth knowledge shone through when we met, and Sprocket produced results that exceeded my expectations.
    Mike Collis
    These guys have been incredible with helping me in the growth of my company, never have a shortage of work due to the work these guys have put into my advertising. I would highly recommend Sprocket for anyone who wants to see a massive change in their company! Will keep using them for as long as i can!!
    Kevin Curtis
    We have been a customer of Sprocket Digital since December 2017, after having been with our previous provider for over 5 years. Jared and Josh sat down with us and explained their common sense approach to SEM and they were confident a better result for less could be achieved, whilst providing transparent reporting (something we had lacked historically). We switched over and not even 6 months later and we are receiving around 15% more leads on a lower monthly spend. Convinced, we are now looking at how we can complement our SEM programme.
    Leon Di-Cesare



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