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Pure Coco needed a boost to re-establish their digital presence, grow their online sales, and land leads in their inbox. Sprocket Digital had just the solution.

Pure Coco isn’t a newcomer to the wholefood industry - they’ve been around since 2012, sourcing and supplying high-quality coconut and cacao products from the Pacific and Southeast Asia direct to Kiwi kitchens. 

Born from a desire to make a difference, all of Pure Coco’s products are ethically sourced to support the villages they come from. Their range of products brings naturally nutrient-dense foods to NZ cafes, restaurants, and wholefood markets. 

In an industry of stiff competition and low prices, Pure Coco has always had to fight for its footing online. Starting in January 2020, Sprocket Digital was excited to take on the task. 

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Wanted: A marketing partner for consistent growth and good ideas

When our partnership with Pure Coco began, they were in need of a marketing partner that could deliver more - more good ideas, more consistent growth of their online sales, and more loyal customers.

“We had another digital agency we’d been working with”, explains Alex McLachlan, Marketing Manager for Pure Coco, “They were okay, but Sprocket presented to us and it just seemed like a far better, more reasonable deal.”

Pure Coco operates both B2B and B2C models, but one part they’ve struggled with in the past is getting in front of the right people to be able to convert their target audience with Pure Coco's healthy product offerings and to explain their amazing heart-warming story and vision behind the company.

“A lot of Pure Coco’s range are products that consumers would typically buy in the supermarket, as opposed to directly from the manufacturer. “We needed to show value in the product they offer, over and above what consumers could get from their normal retailer.”

- Dan Rack, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital

Through consistent meetings with Alex and Pure Coco’s director Myles McLachlan, Dan and the team were able to propose ideas and opportunities for business growth through executable actions and a strategic marketing plan.

Within a few weeks of working together, Pure Coco was already seeing results. Alex recalled of the first month: “We jumped in, and instantly noticed a progression in sales - our sales quadrupled almost straight away.”


“We’re the best we’ve ever been online”

The timing to begin working together couldn’t have been more perfect, with the unexpected lockdown in March forcing businesses throughout NZ to shift online.

“They’d already done a lot of the back-end work to figure out what worked and what didn’t, and to push our sales. Our whole foodservice industry evapourated overnight due to COVID, however, due to the switch to Sprocket we were able to increase our online sales to cover these loses through that period.” Explained Alex.

“We used to be in a good place online, then for a few years we dropped off. Sprocket got us back up there, and now we’re the best we’ve ever been online. Our sales have gone up 700% since being with Sprocket".

“There’s a lot more brand awareness, a lot of people are saying ‘I’ve seen your social, I’ve seen your posts online’ - we never used to get that. Now people see it and recognise it, and they know the brand".

“Then there are the referrals as well - we’re now getting leads coming through search each week. We’ve always been in the position of trying to track down leads, but now they’re coming to us through Google searches.” 

From every angle, from brand awareness to hot leads and tangible revenue growth Pure Coco has reaped the benefits of a strong holistic digital advertising campaign backed by data and driven by performance.

Sustaining digital growth despite the downturn

When it came to the COVID-19 lockdown in March, Pure Coco wasn’t unaffected - as suppliers to the hospitality industry they found a large chunk of their B2B market dropped off - but thanks to the work already done on their website and marketing campaign, they were able to keep growing from that foundation.

"We were lucky we were already online before COVID, and we were able to stay afloat and actually increase our sales through our website! Luckily we went with Sprocket at the right time - if we hadn’t, we couldn’t have taken advantage of that online market through that tough time".

In a relatively short time, Pure Coco has established a strong foothold online. We continue to run regular meetings to bounce ideas off each other and come up with new initiatives to take the business even further, and can’t wait to see how their results grow over time.

“A lot of people in the digital advertising industry talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. The good thing with Sprocket is that they are legit - they really do walk the walk, and they are good people to work with in regards to ideas and trying to find ways to better the position we’re in. They’re constantly thinking of new ways to improve.”

- Alex McLachlan, Marketing Manager, Pure Coco



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