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A Trans-Tasman Sales Boost for Louvretec

Discover how Sprocket Digital “spread the love” to secure Louvretec’s presence across Australia & NZ.

Louvretec, based in Auckland, has been the expert in providing louvre roof systems, shutters, and panels for over twenty years. Through those two decades, they’ve expanded their business to serve locations across New Zealand and Australia, and still see space for growth.

Around a year ago, Louvretec’s web design partner recommended they try Sprocket to enhance their digital marketing. Although they were already with another digital marketing agency, Rebecca King, Marketing Manager at Louvretec, was interested to see what Sprocket could deliver.

The needs and challenges of a well-developed company like Louvretec are different to your average growing business - with their brand identity securely established and name already known, our focus was on gaining a higher volume of good quality leads, and standardising advertising creatives across all their locations.

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A strong relationship makes a strong performance

Sprocket and Louvretec are both working toward the same goal - growing sales and revenue for Louvretec’s businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

“Becks is an ideal client in terms of engagement and feedback. As they’re well established, she knows her industry and brand like no one else. Our team produces custom content which is sent for approval, and she checks through it before publishing.”

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital

In working toward this goal, our teams have been able to collaborate and form a strong relationship that’s advanced the campaign as well as taking a load off Rebecca’s plate.

“Sprocket’s copywriting team create blogs every month ready for me to proof. The copy contains trending keywords (and topics are often based on trending industry words) and always point out the solutions our product range offers to customers. Our range is technical so I appreciate how readable and enjoyable each piece of draft copy is."

- Rebecca King, Marketing Manager, Louvretec

This well-established relationship also played a key part in supporting Louvretec’s advertising endeavours through lockdown in March and April. Since the company decided to continue their advertising, it was important to keep those ads up to date with every new development as it happened.

Through lockdown, Harry and Rebecca were in touch every week to check on and update Louvretec’s retargeting ads to ensure they were relevant for each alert level.

“As we are in the construction industry, we were able to return to work at Level 3. We were able to easily amend our retargeting ads in the morning and have the changes made live very quickly. It was great to be able to let our customers and potential customers know that we were open at Level 3 and to reassure the public that we had excellent health and safety standards in place.”

- Rebecca King, Marketing Manager, Louvretec


Spreading the love across Australia and NZ

Sprocket Digital now takes care of all Louvretec’s digital advertising across Australia and New Zealand. The challenge that goes hand in hand with this enormous opportunity is retaining local care and focus while spreading the budget across two territories.

With close to forty locations to promote and two websites to bring leads back to, budgeting is by far one of the biggest challenges of a campaign like this.

“We’ve got two different websites - one for New Zealand and one for Australia - so we always work to our budget. Harry’s aware of this, and how to fairly spread the budget between all of our dealers - each one is as important as the others. Harry was really helpful in showing me case studies and examples from other clients with many dealers, and how he effectively managed their SEO and the results they were getting.”

- Rebecca King, Marketing Manager, Louvretec

One of the key priorities for paid campaigns is brand protection - as the market leader in such a competitive industry, it’s common for other businesses to steal leads or chip away at their position.

“We need to protect the brand name Louvretec, so when someone Googles ‘Louvretec’, this company should be the only thing they find - not any of their competitors.”

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital

Analytics never looked so good

After a year of working together, Rebecca is impressed with the performance of Louvretec’s advertising and website.

“Our analytics have never looked so good … May this year is up 1000 visitors compared to last year, and that’s despite Covid. Our sales team are busy and the leads we’re getting are very well targeted, allowing our sales team to book site visits, provide quotations and grow sales."

- Rebecca King, Marketing Manager, Louvretec

We’re looking forward to continuing to develop Louvretec’s campaigns across the Tasman in the coming months and seeing their leads and sales grow even more.



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