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With a 47-year history in Auckland, Cairnhill Physiotherapy has seen a lot of changes in the marketing landscape since their inception. 

While Cairnhill has built its reputation on consistency - providing caring service to hundreds of patients each year - they found that repeating the same methods in their digital marketing was simply not delivering enough anymore. 

Looking to invest in the future of their business and find a better way, they came to Sprocket Digital.

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The Challenge:

Cairnhill Physiotherapy had been relying heavily on paid search to bring in leads.

Although this method had been working, it was not financially sustainable in the long run, especially as competition grew in the market.

As a relatively small clinic, Cairnhill Physiotherapy struggled to generate traction against their larger, newer competitors who had higher marketing budgets or wider geographical reach.

Sprocket’s mission was to deliver consistent leads with a better return on the marketing dollar in the long term, through Search Engine Optimisation.


The Solution:

Sprocket implemented a turn-key SEO strategy for Cairnhill Physiotherapy, with a mix of targeted geographical search terms as well as high-competition, high-volume search terms.

Combined, this meant that we could target searchers in and around the Epsom area, as well as general searchers looking for physio- or injury-specific terms. With this, Cairnhill could compete with the larger clinics and be discovered more easily on Google.

This method, involving on- and off-page Search Engine Optimisation aimed to improve their ranking on Google and gradually decrease their dependence on paid search in order to be found.


The Results:

After strategic optimisation, Cairnhill Physiotherapy now ranks in the top 3 on Google for a number of search terms including high volume/intent keywords like ‘Auckland Physio’ and ‘Physio Auckland’.

Their organic traffic has grown by 40% year on year, and new online bookings have also risen by 40%. 

Now, Cairnhill is no longer dependent on paid advertising for revenue, and can confidently continue doing what they do best, without worrying about the future of their business.

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