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In the competitive industry of truck and minibus hire, Auckland Vehicle Rentals recognised they had to do something different to stand out in their niche. Despite a long history, they were seeing revenue dropping each year as competitors sprung up and visibility dropped.

With 20 years behind them, Director Sonya Biddulph and the team started out when small business marketing relied on the yellow pages and printed classifieds. Now, they’re well aware that the best way to be seen is on Google, through both ads and first-page search results — but they couldn’t do it themselves.

They needed someone who could keep up with emerging trends, and consistently monitor and improve on their marketing efforts.

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Faced with underperforming marketing results and a continuing loss of revenue, Sonya sought a marketing agency who could turn the tide and bring them back into the black, so she came to us at Sprocket

Jared, our Senior Growth Advisor at Sprocket Digital, was excited to take up the challenge of marketing this niche business and turning around their revenue with the power of digital. 

As with all of our clients, there was no straightforward solution or quick fix — before we could create success, we first had to understand their business, their challenges, and their niche.

Shifting Gears with Sprocket

Coming into a business that already has a marketing history, it’s important to begin with reviewing that history, before constructing our own digital marketing strategy. Past failures tell us just as much as successes.

"The first thing we did was analyse and review what they were currently doing, to look at what was performing, and what could be improved"

- Jared Grib, Senior Growth Advisor

While SEO is one of the most important factors for online visibility - especially on Google - it can take time to bear fruit, which is why it’s so important to create a diverse and methodical digital marketing strategy for our clients. 

With this strategy, we were able to see performance improvements from our first month’s campaigns, while still implementing deep site-wide optimisation that would come into effect gradually.


After a few months though, we needed to change tack and design a new strategy, tailor-made for Auckland Vehicle Rentals

Although performing well by standard metrics, our campaigns weren’t hitting the target of increased business revenue at the rate we’d hoped for.

Through meetings between our team and theirs, we came up with an ambitious new campaign strategy. With a firm goal of revenue generation taking priority over standard marketing measures, we were able to focus our efforts and sharpen our campaign to reach that success.

Now they’re seeing 30% revenue growth year-on-year

Strong and open client relationships are important, and with each monthly meeting Sonya was thrilled to be able to report on the AVR’s growing success and find enjoyment in the process of small business marketing with us.

"With Sprocket, I loved their transparency. Jared was very open and honest, and I felt like nothing is too much trouble - you can come to them with a problem, or say ‘can you do that?’ and if they don’t know, they’ll dig until they find the answers."

- Sonya Biddulph, Auckland Vehicle Rentals

Our efforts to understand AVR’s niche market and look outside the box to find ways to grow her business revenue through digital marketing strategies have earned us some high praise:

"Sprocket did exactly what I needed them to. I needed someone to drive the campaign, to focus on the goal and achieve it."

- Sonya Biddulph, Auckland Vehicle Rentals

The Road Ahead

Having kickstarted revenue generation, our focus is now on iterating and finding innovative ways to improve their current standing even further. 

Our regular group strategy meetings have enabled Sonya to keep on top of Auckland Vehicle Rental’s campaigns while relieving her of the pressure of day-to-day decision making. 

Moving forward, as we continue to optimise our success together, we look forward to creating further revenue generation and shifting into an organic campaign model that will be more cost-effective.

Being a performance-based marketing agency, we only succeed and grow when our clients do. It’s in our best interests to monitor, pivot, and be creative with our campaigns to reach the goals laid out by our clients.

We’re stoked that Sonya has already recommended Sprocket Digital to several of her peers, two of whom we’re now working with to achieve their digital marketing goals:

“I have no hesitation in recommending Sprocket Digital. In a world of experts and blowhards, they are the real deal”

- Sonya Biddulph, Auckland Vehicle Rentals



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