4 Tips - Successful Video SEO

As communication mediums go, video has become one of the most commonly used and influential mediums. What better way to send your message out there than by video? It requires no effort from the viewer and shares vital information clearly, in a way that is engaging and attractive. Soon, the majority of web traffic will be in the form of video, which is why many digital marketing agencies in Auckland are incorporating video into their marketing strategies today. Here are a few tips on how to improve your SEO efforts with video.

Optimise For Mobile
If people are watching your videos, it’s likely that they’re viewing them on a mobile device. Mobile continues to grow and surpassed desktop a few years ago. Therefore, if you want the views, make sure that your videos are optimised for mobile. You should also upload it to the most commonly-used sites like YouTube or Vimeo to reach more of your audience.

Include Metadata
When a new page of written copy is uploaded onto a website, your SEO efforts need a meta title and a meta description, with your chosen optimised keywords included within the text. The same goes for video content. Search engines will use metadata to identify and rank video results in a search, so make sure that you include it when you publish.

Create A Sitemap
You could create multiple videos and publish them to your website, without them ranking well – or making any difference to your ranking at all. If this is the case, a video sitemap is your solution. A sitemap makes your videos indexable, in a way that allows for Google to see the metadata for each video. By using a sitemap, each video will have better chances of being found, and each will be ranked separately.

Share To Various Channels
Social media can be a powerful tool to use when you’re trying to get your content to a broader audience. Posting content onto social media alone will not affect your SEO rankings much; however, it does create brand awareness and visibility to more significant numbers within your audience. You can also see the analytics of the videos you post in real time – including how the public receives them, and how much engagement each video receives.
If used correctly, video as a mode of communication is a powerful marketing tool. By using the right technical practices, your videos will rank well and capture more interest within your target audiences.

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