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      Google Adwords


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      If your customers find your services or your products online, a Google Ads (aka Google AdWords) strategy needs to be in your marketing plan. However, SEM (search engine marketing) isn’t one of those things you can muddle your way through and hopefully get right - it takes years to master. And because you’ll be immediately investing marketing budget, it pays to get it right first time by partnering with experienced digital marketing agencies in Auckland that knows what they’re doing.

      Put simply, Google Ads enables you to get a message in front of your customers at the perfect moment: when they’re actively searching for your product or service. It’s immediate, ultra-fast and highly targeted, and because it’s based on a pay per click auction system that rewards relevance, it can often generate an extremely high return on investment. To get it right, then, it pays to get alongside an expert AdWords management team like Sprocket Digital in Auckland, New Zealand.

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      Digital Optimisation Road MapSEM Experts

      Campaigns built by
      our local SEM experts

      Search Engine

      Visibility across multiple
      publishers and where
      97% of Kiwi’s search


      Utilising a suite
      of algorithms

      Targeted Marketing

      Targeted spend -
      maximise clicks
      & conversions

      Campaign Optimisation

      Optimisation updates
      every 30 minutes

      Reduce Marketing Spend

      Reduce CPC costs
      by up to 40%

      Full Day Spend

      Full day spend –
      maintain visibility

      A/B Split Testing

      A/B Split Testing

      Automated Spend Control

      Automated Spend Control

      Real-Time Reporting

      24/7 access to reporting
      with user friendly dashboards

      Transparent ROI

      Transparent results –
      understand your ROI

      Our Recipe

      Google processes more than 63,000 searches every second, which adds up to more than 5.6 billion searches every day and a whopping 2 trillion searches every year. All of that equals a whole lot of opportunity to get your brand in front of the eyes that matter. 

      Advertising that is displayed on the same search engines your customers are using and targeted to what they’re searching for, is a no-brainer. Stop using hit-and-miss platforms to advertise generic messages in cluttered environments that your target audience might not even see. Instead, use Google advertising to create targeted ads that answer the questions they are looking for, when they’re looking for them. 

      Sprocket Digital, an Auckland online marketing agency, has unparalleled knowledge and experience when it comes to Google Ads management. Thanks to more than 35+ years of combined digital marketing experience, we understand the ideal formula for generating the best results in the shortest possible time frame. We know how to structure campaigns in order to maximise pay per click and minimise wasted spend, so your brand gets in front of the right eyes at the exact moment they search for your product or service.

      The beauty of Google advertising is that you can control exactly who sees your ad and when. That means it’ll only ever appear in front of the right kind of person searching for the right thing, in the right place. Not only does this mean you can target the perfect audience, it also means you don’t waste money talking to the wrong audience. Pay per click is literally that: you only pay for the clicks you get. If a campaign is set up well, you’ll only ever get charged for relevant traffic that generates new business opportunities.

      A winning AdWords strategy must prioritise relevance over everything else. Relevance directly influences a key metric called Quality Score, which in turn effects ad position, available impressions and cost per click. In order to maintain an optimum Quality Score, relevance must be maintained between ads, keywords and target landing pages. 

      Confused? You might need some help from an experienced Auckland digital marketing agency. Sprocket Digital offers a wide range of digital marketing services (including Google AdWords management) to small and medium-sized Kiwi businesses just like yours. Talk to our friendly team today to find out how we can take your business from zero to hero using our experience and in-depth knowledge of online marketing


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        We've had Sprocket running our digital marketing campaigns for a few months now and really happy with the results. Our leads have at least doubled since they started the campaigns and are consistent. The ads are well targeted so we don't spend too much either! Any updates are quick to be implemented by their savvy and responsive team. Being able to engage with a real person who knows their stuff is a great bonus too! Overall I'm really happy to recommend the work these guys do.
        Sam Dyson
        We've been using Sprocket for nearly two years. They know what they're doing and always looking to get maximum return for your money. Professional, knowledgeable and responsive.
        Roger Barton
        Have been using Sprocket for a few months. Good Professional service with fast turn around for our campaign setup. We are a digital only goods seller and they have adapted to our market needs quickly with good communication.
        Mike Clephane
        Super pro-active group of professionals. Our sales have doubled in a matter of weeks and looking forward to working with Ronnie, Dan and the team for the for-seeable future.
        Andrew Tuioti
        Highly RecommendThe Sprocket Digital Team have been amazing to work with, their vast insight in the digital marketing space has helped us increase sales and step back from attempting to run our own marketing campaigns.
        Andrew Stairs
        The Sprocket team have been fantastic in the few months that we have been working with them. We’d highly recommend Sprocket Digital for anyone looking to take their digital game to the next level!
        Lacklands LP
        We signed up with Sprocket about 6 months ago and have been really pleased with the results. We were trying to manage our digital marketing inhouse with little expertise and Sprocket have solved that issue for us. They are super knowledgeable, really approachable and a really professional team. Incoming leads have increased and we look forward to growing this even further. I'm sure they dread my daily emails and phone calls but they respond to everything promptly and with a smile.
        Vanessa Hurt
        These guys have been great to deal with. Looking to work with me to get the best results for my company.
        Richard Jones
        I have been working with Sprocket for a few months and am very happy that we decided to work together. A friendly team, very responsive and thorough. Harry has really taken the time to understand our business and develop strategies to help us grow.
        Kate Mayo
        Luke and his team have been doing a great job for us for quite a few years now. Sprocket is a company that you can trust. I highly recommend these guys!
        Gareth Tipene
        Started working with Sprocket just before the lockdown this year and have to say I'm very impressed with the level of service, support & results we get from the company. Our account manager, Sophie has been very helpful in making us understand the process at the same time took the time to understand our needs and understood exactly what would help achieve our business goals.Highly recommend!
        Pathik Modi
        Thanks so much to Dan and the Sprocket team, we were recommended Sprocket by another company and within the first 7 days we saw the value. Our revenue and order totals have increased dramatically in the 3 or so weeks we have been with Sprocket. Can't recommend Sprocket and the team enough and we are excited about what the future holds for us working with Sprocket!! 10/10 A+++++ massive thumbs up!!
        PREP Plant Based Meals
        A great and effective company, Pleasure to work with and always willing to help and listen! 🙂 Cheers from the Pure Services Team 😀
        Pure Services
        I have been using Sprocket for well over a year now. I find them easy to deal with and very knowledgable. I highly recommend them.NZ Rent a Car Dunedin.
        Craig Sutherland
        Kieran and team have been great to deal with, friendly, knowledgeable and professional service. We saw an uplift in enquiries almost immediately when campaigns went live and Sprocket have been very responsive with refining campaign to meet our objectives and taking us through the results.
        Louise McKenna
        This is our 2nd year with Sprocket. We have had nothing but great service, combined with expert knowledge and advice that has delivered fantastic results. I would recommend Sprocket to any business looking for a digital partner to assist in growing your business.
        Darryl Holt
        Great start with Sprocket. Particularly like the data driven methodology, transparency and friendliness.
        Mark Chapman
        Nothing is a problem, no question goes unanswered and they simplify digital marketing so it becomes understandable.
        Sales Aswefa
        Since we started with Sprocket Digital we have had great results . They know their business and can get the right customers coming to your website and business.
        Adam Biffin
        Dan has been fantastic and easy to deal with. Always looking for better ways to increase growth and would highly recommend to friends and family.
        Trevor Brian
        We've been using Sprocket Digital for around 5 months and are really happy with the results. The team is super easy to deal with, nothing's a problem, highly recommend using them!
        Andrea Cummerfield
        Sprocket have been great to deal with from the start and have brought in great results. Highly recommended 🙂
        Louis Chan
        We hired Sprocket Digital to take over our marketing in July 2020 after trying to do it and trying other agencies. The first few were slow as expected for optimization and after 15 days it happened, the order started coming in Our bounce rate of 60% went down to 4%, engagement increased, lots of customer emails, and most importantly sales.During the 3 months optimization period we broke record after record, highest grossing month to highest-grossing day to return customers.In terms of number in the first three months revenue increased by 141%, Online store sessions increased by 108%, return customers increased by 29%, similar conversion rate, average order value increased by 41%, total order numbers increased by 66%. Now we are in the fourth month and so far we are 30% up in the numbers. I would recommend Sprocket to anyone just give them time to optimize and show you the magic.Thank you team especially Harry!!NZCRICKETSTORE.COM
        NZCricket Store
        We have been working with Sprocket Digital for 3 month now and I am very happy with the team. They offer great service from analyzing our needs as a business to delivering a great action plan. I can highly recommend to any business which is looking for a fantastic marketing team. Kind regards Frank
        Hybrid Bikes Ltd
        We've found Ronnie, Dan and the team at Sprocket to be great so far. Onboarding process was nice and easy, and they have been available at any time to help us with any queries we've had. We're pleased with the results so far and the growth we've seen, and look forward to continuing to grow both the business and our relationship!
        Kiwi Duvets Ltd
        Add campaigns have been very helpful and enquiries have gone through the roof so we have been working overtime to reply to all the people enquiries resulting in sales
        Joel Pohio
        Our website has been live now for 3 months and we've been working with Sprocket since the launch of our site. After considering a few agencies, we're very happy with our decision to work with Sprocket as they have provided a very professional and responsive service and we have achieved excellent results on our spend thus far. Hopefully we'll continue to have a prosperous relationship over the coming months and years.
        Hobby Land
        A great company who listens to their clients needs. I can't recommend Sprocket enough, they have been a valued addition to my business.
        Sandy Carter
        Ronnie, Dan, Glen and the rest of the team at Sprocket has been amazing to work with. Since joining we've seen large improvements in ROI and sales. Look forward to seeing what the team can do heading into the future.
        Jake Dwights Outdoors
        We had been working on e-commerce and our digital strategy for a few years and going along fairly well - Sprocket has helped us get to the next level and it definitely feels there is so much scope to keep building our online presence and performance from here. They are great to deal with and I appreciate their ability to tailor the approach to our specific position/industry etc. Bringing in the experts! Big addition to our team. Cheers.
        föray THULE
        I really enjoy working with Sprocket. I've worked with them on two different projects now; they're data driven, great communicators & listeners as well as extremely good value/above board. They helped us improve our Google quality and conversions by nearly double. I would definitely recommend them.
        Lily Richards
        Since switching to Sprocket Digital our leads have increased ten fold where we are reached the point of having to grow our team . This has only taken a couple of months to get to this point.Sophie Green has been great to deal with and her communication skills are number one. If you are serious about getting growth and good leads call Sophie today at Sprocket Digital and come on the journey.
        Jim Kent
        Dan and the team have done an amazing job in getting things underway. Ours is a different type of product to sell online being high value, low volume. We have had a massive increase in traffic and interest on Social Media as well as brochure Downloads, a key metric for us and our product. Time will tell if sales increase but at this early stage we are very happy and optimistic about the future with Sprocket Digital.
        Jolyon Ludbrook
        We've been working with Sprocket Digital for a few months now and are seeing really good results. Dan and the team are great to work with and are constantly looking for opportunities to help us grow our ecommerce platform. Great communication and nothing is ever a hassle.
        NZ Health Food Company
        The guys at Sprocket have been very helpful, We are starting to see great returns from our investment. Thanks Ronnie for all your help. Cheers
        Chris Hepburn
        We have recently started working with The Sprocket team and have already seen results, Harry has worked with us to ensure we have been informed and advised throughout our campaign, highly recommend.
        Onsen Hot Pools



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