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The world is moving away from traditional marketing methods such as print media and TV ads and towards digital marketing and optimisation. It isn’t surprising, seeing as people spend the majority of their days on the internet or social media.

The average internet user browses the net for anything and everything – from looking for a nearby gym and healthy recipes to searching for a new pair of running shoes. How do you ensure that your gym, recipe book or sports apparel business is one of the first that that user will come across? With online marketing. Here are a few ways that digital marketing agencies can help your business meet its goals.

1. You’ll Stand Out From The Crowd
A few years ago, the only businesses who had access to digital marketing agencies in Auckland were massive corporations with buying power and an established brand. However, these days, the playing field has been levelled. Anyone can approach an agency and request digital marketing solutions for their business, giving them the opportunity to compete with big corporations and household names. Now, small businesses can finally use the resources that are readily available to them to create formalised digital marketing strategies which will increase their web traffic and generate the same return on investment as a big corporation.

2. It’s More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing efforts included television ads, radio advertising, billboards and street banners. It also included newspaper ads and flyers being handed out outside shopping centres. Each of these methods of marketing cost more money – to reach fewer people – in a less targeted manner, than a solid digital marketing strategy. With the invention of the internet, businesses of all types have access to millions of people across the world whom they could convert into customers. For a fraction of the price of traditional marketing, businesses can attract and engage millions of people with websites, social media platforms, email marketing campaigns and online advertising. With digital marketing, companies are seeing a much more significant ROI because they are reaching the right people – in the right place – at the right time, all across the world.

3. You Receive Conversion Optimisation
A business’s priority is not just to increase their web traffic. The primary objective is to increase the number of people who are converted from web traffic into leads, into paying customers. You can generate prospects from multiple consecutive marketing channels, but the prospects can easily be lost if their website experience is sub-par. A digital marketing agency will create a strategy which will assist in improving conversion outcomes from website sessions (otherwise known as conversion rate optimisation).

4. Digital Marketing Earns You Direct Profits
When your practices are leading to optimised conversion rates, your business will experience growth in profits. Leads need to be nurtured, and if you do it well, you’ll get an increase in sales. With more revenue coming in, you have the chance to expand, reach new audiences and enter the national/international scene. You can also directly link your search engine and social media adverts to your online store, meaning an advert created in digital marketing can literally and directly lead to increased sales.

5. You Can Track Your Exact ROI
As mentioned previously, digital marketing costs less than traditional marketing. It also reaches all demographics, geographic locations and devices, thus influencing the right audience with reach and frequency figures that aren’t possible in traditional channels. With more qualified leads, chances are you’ll earn more money and therefore, get a better return on investment. When using traditional marketing methods, there are very few ways to measure the success of your efforts. However, with Digital there are thousands of tools available to transparently measure metrics that define success for your business. You can now track how successful some strategies are, and where you can improve them to convert more prospects. It allows small businesses in particular to produce a steady stream of traffic which has been narrowly and specifically targeted – which is most likely to convert into sales.

6. It Gives Leads A Reason To Trust Your Brand
People are more willing to buy from a brand if they have a trustworthy reputation. If your social media / Google business accounts are filled with glowing praise and product reviews, others will feel more comfortable in bringing their business to you. The more SEO and paid online advertising you do, the more you will be seen by people in the market, ready to buy products or services which are similar to what you provide. The more people that can try your products, the more positive reviews you will get. A household name is trusted more than a new, unfamiliar online brand. Therefore, getting your name out there will increase your sales through an excellent reputation and cultivated trust in your brand.

7. You Can Engage Targeted Audiences
One of the main reasons why digital marketing became so successful over traditional advertising channels is because businesses can engage people who are more likely to buy from them than others who are not.

With digital marketing, you can target a specific audience that you know is likely to buy from you, and therefore, you’ll likely generate increased sales and business growth.

You don’t have to be an expert in digital marketing to have effective SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and advertising efforts bringing in leads. You can create and manage a website and social media pages, and you can generate the content to fill it. However, some businesses want to take things to the next level. That’s where digital marketing agencies like Sprocket come in. We are experts in the field and will get your business where you want it to be – on the first page of Google, generating more qualified prospects than ever.


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