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Not everyone is an SEO expert, which is why external assistance is so often utilised by small businesses who want to increase their Google rankings. However, it’s possible to make a few small changes to your SEO before you call in the big guns. If your competitors are above you in search results, you’ll want to proactively engage in SEO so that you rank higher. Here are three ways that will help you along.

  1.   Fix Your Page Speed

Having clean, efficient code is one of the foundations of having a fast website. Ideally, your website will be hosted in the same city as your business and has been built with speed and user experience in mind. It is important to make sure images have been compressed, unused CSS has been removed, and unused plugins have been deleted. 

A great tool to use for assessing and improving page speed is Google’s official ‘PageSpeed Insights’ tool –

  1.   Publish Better Content

Content is king. Whether your consumers are reading your content, or search engine algorithms are crawling it for SEO purposes, you need to ensure that your content goes above and beyond what your competitors publish. What you post needs to adequately and clearly explain what your business is about. Your content should also be optimised with your chosen keywords.

What will your consumers type into their search bars? Make sure that your keyword optimisation is precise and strategic; you can’t rely on keyword stuffing anymore. To be sure, you can test your copy on social media platforms to see how well it performs. Depending on the outcome, you can make a few adjustments to make it more algorithm-friendly. Just remember, in this day and age, quality content > quantity content.

  1.   Link Connections Are Still Relevant

When Google was created, in its foundations was the principle that links to a site are the best way to test how relevant that site is in an internet search. Although Google’s algorithm has been changed many times since its creation, most SEO experts believe that building links are still relevant.

Link building is a fantastic way to create connections. Although it’s easy to send the same few thousand people information about your site than it is to build relationships; building connections will ensure that your website connects with the right people and other authoritative websites. That means that the more connections you make, the better your SEO results will become.

Once you’ve mastered the above steps, contact an SEO agency in Auckland like Sprocket Digital for a more detailed audit and expert assistance.


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