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How often have you searched for something in Google and found a helpful box that pops in the search results with a fast answer to your search query? Google provides more than just page titles, descriptions, and links. Now, other features are included in the search results, such as business listings, images, videos, and text snippets. Today we look at ways to optimise Google’s featured snippets.

Today, we are focusing on one area that can help your website stand out from the competition: featured snippets. These features are becoming more common in the search results and can be a great way to capture the attention of your target audience.

What are Featured Snippets?
These small boxes are designed to give the user quick information related to their search query. At the same time, the feature is helpful to optimise the layout and results for people who are using voice search or mobile devices.

The Google team knows that relevancy and ease of use are essential for user experience. So, the featured snippets are used to maximise the information that shows up in the search results.

Quality Content on Your Website
If you want your website to show up in the featured snippet results in Google, then you need to ensure that you have quality content that answers the questions people might be asking. Regular blog posts and page creation on your website can increase the chances that parts of your pages will be included in the featured areas.

Consider adding questions in the blog posts, as well as keyword placements related to the search queries that people might be using. You need to dial in your demographic and then identify applicable search keywords. Then, these phrases can be used in your content to help with overall optimisation.

It can be a lot of work to sort through keyword options and create content for your website. So, the easiest solution is to enlist the services of an experienced team in the online marketing industry. You can focus on the other responsibilities of running your company and lean on the knowledge of a marketing expert who understands the best strategies for organic and paid search traffic.

At Sprocket Digital, we are leading the industry with proven results. Our company provides many online marketing services in Auckland, NZ that can be used to bring more traffic to your website. Talk to us to tap into more than 20 years of industry experience so that you can improve your online presence.


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