Why Omnichannel Marketing?

It’s Strategic, Scalable, and Generates Swift Success

As a business owner, you want results. You either do your own marketing or hire someone else to do it, and you want to be confident that every dollar of marketing spend is being allotted wisely to get maximum results for your business. 

This is where omnichannel marketing comes in. 

Omnichannel marketing is a strategic approach that, on the customer end, provides a seamless customer experience across all of your digital touchpoints, allowing you to deliver a unified message across your campaigns and strengthen the power of your brand online. 

On the internal marketing management end, omnichannel marketing allows you greater flexibility to allocate your marketing resources across different channels as dictated by data, to deliver the best return on investment in the shortest possible time.

“We don’t allocate budget packages for specific platforms or campaigns, instead we regularly reallocate spend towards areas that are working and away from areas that aren’t.  This method enables us to quickly and accurately deliver the best return on investment possible for our clients.” 

Josh Sexton, Digital Performance Director, Sprocket Digital

Omnichannel vs traditional campaigns: what’s the difference?

In the traditional digital marketing model, you’d have a budget for each platform (Google, Facebook), and run them independently of one another. You’d still test and optimise on each, to ensure you were getting a decent ROI, but it can take longer and cost more in the long run to reach the results you’re looking for. 

In the omnichannel model, all channels are included and managed as part of the same broader strategy, and directed by data. The data tells you where to invest and where to pull back, to accurately produce results in a shorter period of time. 

Why allocate the same budget on Facebook ads and Google ads, when one has an ROI that is so much higher? An omnichannel approach allows you to shift the budget in line with your data, so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your ad spend. 

“With Sprocket’s omnichannel approach, we build a tailor-made strategy for each business, estimate the total required marketing investment for a successful initial cycle, and move the budget around as soon as we have collected enough data to make informed optimisation decisions.”

Josh Sexton, Digital Performance Director, Sprocket Digital

On the customer’s end, an omnichannel approach also ensures that they are receiving the same standard of customer experience and messaging across all platforms – it’s seamless. 

When channels are siloed and managed by different specialists, your customer’s experience can be different on each platform, negatively impacting your relationship with that customer.

Data is King in omnichannel marketing strategies

To design a strong, scalable, and successful omnichannel marketing strategy, it all comes down to data. 

Data is the core of digital marketing anyway, as it tells you how well your campaigns are doing, and where the gaps are that need more attention. Data in omnichannel marketing however is what drives all of your budget allocation, and prompts you to optimise and change weightings on the fly as more information becomes available. 

This data also allows for greater personalisation within your campaigns, to delight your customers on every platform. Delivering relevant and timely ads to your target audience, or remarketing campaigns to call back past visitors for a sale, has never been more important.

Why you need omnichannel marketing in 2021 and beyond

Omnichannel marketing is the best way to deliver digital advertising because:

  • It achieves the best possible ROI in the shortest possible time
  • It relies on data to direct investment, not assumptions or tradition
  • It is easy to scale at any point, and quick to react

“Many other agencies sell advertising at predetermined package levels per platform or per campaign. At Sprocket, our strategies are tailored to each client, and wholly omnichannel. We work with our clients toward prearranged, mutually agreed targets, to ensure their business is getting the return they need to support scaling to the next level.” 

Josh Sexton, Digital Performance Director, Sprocket Digital

Sprocket Digital specialises in omnichannel marketing as our vehicle to deliver high performance for our clients and help them to grow their business.


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