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Desktop computers are no longer the primary way people connect to the internet. These days people use mobile devices, tablets and laptops. An advantage of mobile devices is that they offer a more flexible way of connecting to the internet. As more people are accessing the internet this way, companies need to adjust their advertising, with help from their online marketing agency. They have to make their websites suitable for mobiles and start to use text messages and customer care calls to advertise their services. If you’re a business interested in digital marketing, you should know how mobile devices are changing the way companies advertise.

The Power of Video

Video adverts are the most popular medium for a company to showcase their services and products on mobile devices. They play on ‘freemium’ applications users download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. In exchange for downloading the application and using it, users consent to have their use interrupted by short 15 to 30-second videos that they can skip and aren’t forced to watch. A 30-second video is short enough that the user will pay attention and remain engaged to the brand’s message. Their effectiveness is even better if the video isn’t invasive and is related to the application. For example, if someone downloads a calorie calculator app, a suitable advert would be for a health store or meal home delivery service.

How to Get it Right

Always remember that the power is in the hands of the user and it should remain that way. The goal of an advert is to entice a user to buy a product. If you use invasive adverts or force them to watch an ad in full to achieve this goal, it will have the opposite effect. Users can rate your advert, so this may lead to a loss in reputation and certainly won’t win you any sales. Adverts that you can’t easily close are an excellent example of such a practice. What makes it worse is when the close button to such an advert isn’t visible. A user will assume you’re doing this on purpose and this won’t reflect favourably on your business.

With the assistance of an online marketing agency like Sprocket Digital that has existing mobile experience strategies in place for their clients, any business can take advantage of this medium.

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