Is Your Site Alright?

Without wanting to come across as too brash, we’re regarded as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Auckland. Our data-driven strategies have helped our clients grow their business beyond their expectations, and a lot of that has to do with directing more traffic to their website. Through planning, creating and optimising, we’re helping them build their business, and we’re building our reputation as a result.

Any digital marketing campaign is a partnership between agency and client. There’s a lot we can do to make your online marketing work – and we really do a lot in that respect! But when it comes to bringing people to your website, you can play your part in making them stay there and become customers instead of just prospects. A recent American survey can teach us some lessons on how to do just that.

The survey suggested that it takes just 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion about your website. As you’ve probably figured out by now, 50 milliseconds isn’t very long- but it is long enough for visitors to your website to judge the site by its design. First impressions are 94% design-related, so how much of an instant impact does your site make? 

The survey also unearthed some very helpful statistics about business websites, including:

  • 57% of internet users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on a mobile device.
  • 85% think a website should be just as good or better on mobile than it is on a laptop.
  • 38% will stop engaging with a website if the layout and content are not attractive.
  • 88% are unlikely to return to a site after a bad online experience. 
  • Nearly 40% of people leave a site if images take too long to load.
  • 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on website design.
  • 94% of negative website feedback was related to design.

We could go on but there’s plenty of food for thought within those statistics, and one question you should be asking yourself as a result: Is my site alright?

With global online usage increasing during the COVID-19 lockdown, and every prospect that the increase will be a permanent one, the importance of a well-designed, fast-loading and mobile-friendly site should become even more of a priority.

At Sprocket Digital, we’ll do everything we can to bring traffic to your website. Contact us to discuss how we’ll make that happen. But once your website visitors arrive, there is so much you can do to keep them there, so make sure your site is alright.


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