Top Reasons Why SEO Is Not Dead

Top Reasons Why SEO Is Not Dead

While it is not uncommon to hear people within the industry claim that SEO is dead (the query “is SEO dead” gets 100 searches a month in New Zealand alone!), those who are truly in the know certainly know otherwise. SEO is not just surviving… is thriving! Let’s take a closer look at the five main reasons why….

1) It Continues to Evolve

In order to survive, we must adapt and this is certainly true of the search engine optimisation business. Google will continue to update all of its search algorithms as the years go on. This is why SEO companies in Auckland work tirelessly to make sure that they are accommodating the individual user.

2) Businesses Still Benefit from Using SEO

SEO cannot possibly be dead if so many businesses are continuing to rely upon it, right? As long as clients continue to hire search engine optimisation companies to assist them in achieving all of their most important goals, there is no way that SEO can ever truly die. It is still one of the most reliable methods that small and midsize businesses have available to them.

3) Google Also Continues to Evolve

If search engine optimisation was dead….why would Google decide to continue updating all of their search engine algorithms? Why are there two other popular search engines (Bing and Yahoo) that also rely on similar algorithms? We rest our case.

4) Marketing Budgets Are on The Rise

Businesses are allotting larger portions of their budgets to search engine optimisation. This is a sure sign that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The return on investment for small and midsize businesses is tough to beat.

5) Technical Advances Are Being Made

The days of simply filling a page with keywords are long gone. Search engines are not in the business of attempting to cajole the browser. All content is designed to be as informative as possible.

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