Here's What To Do To Improve Your Facebook Video Outreach

Creating video content for social media is always a good idea. It’s what people enjoy and what’s most likely to be shared or commented on. However, as a business, you don’t just want people to compliment you on your video. You want it to reach the right person at the right time and the right place. The last thing you want is for people to skim over it, stop watching it halfway or decide it’s not compelling enough to share. Here are a few ways you can ensure that your Facebook video outreach strategy connects with a receptive audience.

  • Make It Original

Think about the sheer amount of videos that appear on an average person’s timeline in a single day. On Facebook alone, there could be dozens per hour. How can you make sure your video isn’t passed over? The easiest way is to be yourself. Authenticity is hard to fake. Another thing – don’t try to recycle old content or video footage. The customer can always tell, and you’d be surprised and how many people will remember.

  • Don’t Choose Length Over Quality

You’ve created a great advert – but it’s only a minute long. Alternately, you’ve created something that runs over four minutes. Should you try to extend or cut it down? Unless you’ve filled your video with meaningless content, don’t try to make it longer or shorter than it is. Facebook cares if people watch it all the way through and if they engage with.

  • Make It Searchable

Ever heard a song on the radio but couldn’t find out more about it as the title was unrelated to the lyrics? A similar principle applies to video. It’s no use creating a video that people can’t easily find or share with others. Make sure you communicate your brand and product or service name in your video description and tags.

  • Make It Personal

Getting someone to watch a video is great – but what then? Your video should have an objective that generates engagement in an unforced way that people will want to share, comment on or like. You can ask them to report or share your video content to be entered into a prize draw.

When it comes to Facebook video outreach, you should spend 90% of your effort on your planning and the rest on execution. Use the tips we’ve provided to get on the right track, and you’ll meet your online outreach goals.

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