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Every entrepreneur wants their businesses to grow, which is why they invest in digital marketing. One of the best ways to bring in new and repeat customers and reach new audiences is to make gains in website traffic through multiple channels while maintaining or growing engagement (avg. time on site, pages per session, bounce rate, conversion rate etc.). Here are a few marketing strategies that business owners can use to capture additional users and expand their online audience.

1. Learn About Your Audience
Before you do anything, you need to learn about your audience inside out. Learn their likes, dislikes and interests as well as their demographics so that you can create content which they’ll enjoy. You need to master this before you do anything else. If your website caters to more than one audience, then it would be wise to segment different target audiences into ‘Buckets’, and market to them using different advertising strategies/campaigns.

2. Build More Targeted Landing Pages
Build landing pages that cater specifically to your target audiences, and drive paid traffic to these pages. Split test different variables on each page, and incrementally optimise engagement over time to generate the best return on investment possible. Many different variables can make a surprising difference to landing page performance – fonts / colours / images / call to action / button text etc. You’ll achieve the best result by carefully constructing and optimising landing pages to appeal to each targeted market. Once the landing page has reached peak performance, embed it into the website itself, so that it becomes a core component of your website, reaching Organic, Referral and Direct Traffic (as well as Paid).

3. Use Optimised Long Tail Keywords
Keywords are one of the best ways to increase Search traffic to your site, and by making sure that your keywords are optimised, you can experience a higher ranking, and better Quality Score (in Google Ads). With competition on short and single keywords common, you’ll have better results with detailed, long tail keywords. However, make sure to add every possible variant of long tail keywords, as individual volume is generally very limited.

4. Fact Check And Use Critical Thinking
Modern audiences are smarter and savvier than ever. Your readers don’t want to find errors in your landing pages or claims that are untrue. Make sure that your content is engaging and interesting to grab their attention – and precise enough to keep them. Do not attempt to mislead your users, instead focus on what you know your business is good at. Google & Facebook Testimonials are a great place to look for web content focused around business strengths.

5. Craft Content Based On Your Core Values
Show your audience the human side of the business, and that they’re worth more than the monetary value of a sale. Your core values are the foundations of your business, so create content that authentically displays this.

6. Engage Returning Visitors
Most businesses find their repeat customers add a huge amount of profit to the business, so even though your sights might be set new customer acquisition,, it’ll do you well to market yourself to previous customers, and provide them with a reason for making an additional purchase from you (discounts / upsells / related products & services).

There are many other ways to ensure that your traffic increases, but the real trick is keeping the first time and return visitors coming back for more. Keep the above principles in mind (and combine it with your ongoing SEO efforts) when growing your business online, and you’ll be achieving your goals in no time.


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