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Video content is becoming more and more prevalent, and will soon make up the majority of all web traffic. So if you’ve recently added YouTube advertising to your digital marketing strategy, you’re on the right track to bumping your competitors a few more steps behind you. YouTube is a highly lucrative platform to advertise on, so here are a few tips on how to boost your YouTube ROI.

Advert Length
Because you can skip adverts on YouTube after the five-second mark, there’s technically no limit to how long your advert can be. However, longer doesn’t always mean better. Depending on the intent of your campaign, shorter ads might be better for getting your point across quickly before the viewer clicks the skip button. It isn’t easy to condense everything into five seconds, but most people aren’t going to stick around for twenty minutes to watch an ad, so use those initial seconds to grab attention.

Your Platform Of Choice
We spend the majority of our time looking at a screen – mostly from a smartphone. Due to this, there are a few factors to consider when creating content that will be viewed on a smaller screen. You should utilise tighter framing, less background, a faster tempo and scene changes so that your viewers become more engaged while watching.

Effective Storytelling
A great way to keep people engaged is to have a beginning, middle and ending – the same format as a story. Google’s ABC(D) framework works best in this scenario because it encompasses the elements of a great story – Attract/Brand, Connect and Direct.

Attract/Brand involves attracting viewers before they skip your ad, and making sure that your brand or logo appears within in those first five seconds. Connect is trying to make a connection with your audience by using humour, suspense or an emotional appeal, depending on what they’re watching on YouTube. Lastly, Direct gives the viewer a clear direction of what you want from them. Your call to action can be to connect with you, to subscribe to a channel or book a seat at a webinar. It’s is a direct line to increase your profits, so make sure that your call to action will compel your audience to follow through.

Whether you’ve just started creating adverts on YouTube, or you’re a veteran, these tips should improve your ROI. Keep your ad short and optimised for the right platform, and keep your audience engaged with compelling storytelling.

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