The benefits of Facebook advertising are still real

The Facebook brand may have taken a knock in the last two years, but it doesn’t mean this juggernaut should be down for the count and such news is great for business. Companies big and small have come to rely on it to advertise their products and services. Today we talk about the benefits of Facebook advertising and how using a specialist social marketing company can help take your business to the next level!

If you are not sure then worry not, here are three benefits your company will reap when it comes to Facebook advertising:

Audience Targeting
Small businesses can get more bang for their buck when using Facebook ads to target customers. This means that your Facebook ads, which are a wonderful way to target customers based on their demographics and interests can be available to those who have a link. For example, if you run a lingerie store and the Facebook user happened to mention lingerie as their favourite underwear the ad will target only those who have a link to lingerie and you can further refine this strategy according to age and gender. A business that offers sports equipment can tailor their adverts to target those who have an interest in sports and will be in a position to purchase.

More Traffic
The purpose of advertising is to not only make people aware of your brand but also to let potential customers know the products and services you offer and where to get them. But most importantly, you want them to visit your website and this is where Facebook ads can assist. Your page will do more than just post cute videos and pictures. Include content that is engaging enough for the audience to want to like, comment and share it but above all else, visit the website.

Cost Effect
Just about 20 years ago, people relied on the radio, television and newspaper to get a bulk of the news and commercial advertisements. For companies, these ads cost a fortune, but it was money well spent. With the internet taking over, these three mediums have lagged behind.  As most people and their grandmothers are on Facebook and have mobile devices, it has become much easier to reach them at a quarter of the price.

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