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Online shopping is becoming increasingly mainstream thanks to the rise of e-commerce websites, competitive pricing and super-speedy international delivery timeframes. More and more of us are even using online shopping to carry out the simplest of tasks, like grocery shopping. The rise and rise in popularity of the likes of Amazon, ASOS and other global online shopping hubs make it easy for New Zealanders on the other side of the world to take advantage of high-quality (or not) goods at competitive prices. 

Creating a Google Shopping campaign is a powerful way to get your products in front of the right people. Google Shopping serves your website products on the Google Search page whenever users make relevant searches, along with price information and product photos. This makes it incredibly easy for users to browse and buy products from businesses like yours and can lead to sales that would have otherwise been lost to a competitor. Google Shopping is more than just a bolt-on addition to Google Search; it also includes product SKU numbers, prices, stock availability, reviews and ratings so that customers can make better-informed decisions.

Google Shopping done well

A correctly established and maintained Google Merchant Centre is a prerequisite to Google Shopping. Google Merchant Centre is a platform that enables businesses to sync e-commerce products with their Google ad campaigns. Products can either be manually or automatically synced, and the good news is that there are plugins for major CMS platforms (such as Shopify and Wordpress) that make the automation process very easy. 

E-commerce businesses that have struggled in the past with search ads may find that Google Shopping provides a much better outcome, leading to a profitable return on investment and ongoing growth for their business. Of course, if your business is keen to get on the Google Shopping train, it’s recommended that you enlist the help of an experienced digital marketing company. Sprocket Digital in Auckland, New Zealand specialises in everything digital, making online marketing and digital advertising significantly easier for small Kiwi businesses just like yours. Keen to see a boost in your online sales? Talk to our friendly team today; we’d love to help out.


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