Integrating Email For A Stronger Strategy

Email marketing on its own can be effective for growing a business but it also has the potential to significantly improve performance across your other digital marketing platforms. Integrating email provides you with a stronger strategy. Here is what integration looks like with Facebook, Google and content marketing.


When you have a good email database, you can use this on Facebook to find ‘lookalike audiences’. These are groups of people with similar browsing and purchasing habits to your existing customers. It’s about leveraging your database to find new customers who are similar to the ones you’re already speaking to. You can set the ‘similarity percentage’ to find audiences who are mostly similar through to groups who have 99% similar interests with your current database. For example, a sneaker retailer could find that their lookalike audiences are interested in fashion, Kanye West and rap culture. This information allows you to target new audiences with greater accuracy, increasing the efficiency of your campaigns.


Integrating your email platform with Google creates a holistic picture of your customer’s actions online, so you can better understand how they’re finding you, where they’re converting and where they’re getting stuck. For example, you can see when your customer has clicked a Google ad, placed an order, received an email, opened it (or not), started a new session on your website and added items to their cart. This data can tell you which channels and approaches are effective for your customer and ensure you’re focusing your attention and budget on the areas of your marketing strategy that will deliver the highest results. You can also map the typical interactions that your customers make with your brand online, to help you better understand your customer behaviour and design content that’s relevant to the different stages of their journey.

Content Marketing

You know already that not every customer will discover your company in the same way, nor will they all be at the same stage of awareness when they come to you. Strategic content such as blogs, videos, graphics, case studies and photo stories can be useful to guide customers through your sales funnel from early awareness to purchase, and post-purchase loyalty. But not every customer will visit your website to seek it out themselves. Email can be a great way to share your content with the audience it’s made for, delivering quality and value directly to your customer’s inbox, with topics that are relevant to their needs.

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