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Smart Bidding has evolved as the years have progressed, because of the continuously changing patterns of user behaviour and the evolution of technology. Previously, advertisers were confined to a somewhat limited range of digital marketing strategies and devices. But now that Google’s technology has progressed, keyword optimisation has become less challenging for the seasoned digital marketer. With Smart Bidding, we can now effortlessly bid on targeted keywords and optimise them for multiple devices/locations/demographics, and set up exhaustive digital campaigns that will generate leads and drive traffic.

However, what if you’re not a seasoned SEM specialist with years of experience in the online advertising game? Smart Bidding is not something you jump into head first without understanding why it’s used. Here are its benefits, so that you can use it to your advantage for future campaigns.

Data And Knowledge Engineering
Google and Smart Bidding use machine learning to gather data that can be used for digital marketing strategies and online advertising. The data that is collected is used to make accurate predictions about your audience and their conversion patterns. With this information, you can adjust your bids accordingly, and improve site traffic and lead generation.

Customisable Performance Control
Smart Bidding allows you to customise your performance settings according to your needs. For example, you can optimise your search bids to the attribution model of your choice. In addition, you can set CPA targets that Google uses as guidelines for its bid automation, so that you can be confident your campaign will achieve as many conversions as possible under the CPA goal.

Optimise For Contextual Signalling
A contextual signal is an attribute about a person or context within your target audience, which can be identified. This means that data about your targeted lead will be collected, such as location, time of day and the type of device being used. With Smart Bidding, you can automatically optimise your keyword bids to target dozens of contextual signals within your campaign (i.e. increase bids for users who use iPhones, on the weekend, and live in Auckland) – and make a significant impact on your digital marketing ROI.

Getting into Smart Bidding might seem like a daunting step, especially for small businesses who’ve only just begun formalising a marketing strategy and SEM effort to grow their business. However, the benefits are worth it as they’ll make your marketing efforts more successful in the long run.


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