Facebook Ads Content For Ecommerce

Facebook remains number 1 as a social media marketing platform for e-commerce. With almost 2 billion users per day, there is a strong domestic and global audience of consumers ready to discover and engage with your brand if your product and content is on point. There are several types of content marketing tricks to help you stand out, and some Facebook Ads tips to ensure your digital marketing dollars are spent effectively.

Facebook Video

Facebook users love videos. With longer-form video allowed compared to other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, videos up to 10-minutes are easily uploaded and shared. Interesting, informational and educational videos work great for engaging potential customers. Using a video in Facebook ads can increase actions being taken by users. A square video takes up more real estate in Facebook feeds than horizontal videos, especially on mobile devices.


A picture speaks a thousand words, so you can make quite an impact on Facebook. Remember to add branding to all your images including the company logo, fonts and colour palette. Infographics with product tips and reviews/quotes are popular. Facebook has removed their 20% text limit on image ads but still suggest you stay under 20% for better performance. Your image should look organic so it doesn’t appear to be an ad that will get more eyes on the content itself. Crop your images to a 1:1 or 4:5 aspect ratio in Ads Manager to take up more timeline space when users scroll through their newsfeeds.

Exclusive Offers

A quick way to drum up engagement is with giveaways, sales and discounts via ad content. Facebook users are already accustomed to sharing giveaway posts unlike most other platforms and they’ll feel rewarded as a follower of your page. Canva is a good free design tool to create images and GIFs perfect for giveaways and exclusive offers content.


This is when the filter reacts in real-time to each choice and refreshes the page each time. Batch filtering means the page only refreshes and Although trends come and go, trends, in general, are here to stay. Incorporating the latest flavour of the month into your content will help it pop up in your followers’ feeds improving reach and engagement. Trending topics are shareable and relatable. They produce opinions from users so ask questions. This is a powerful tool for starting an online conversation if done occasionally. Google Trends is a great tool for discovering what is/isn’t trending online, at a local level or internationally.


Every piece of ad content should have a clear call to action. Is your purpose to get link clicks, conversions, followers, brand exposure? Are you trying to educate people or generate leads? Retargeting is an important purpose in order to encourage return customers to engage again.

To get eyes, ears and clicks on content using a mix of images, infographics and videos. Find out more about your audience, select your purpose and create quality content marketing to support your e-commerce goals. For more support with your marketing, get in touch with Sprocket Digital today and we can help.


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