3 Changes In Digital Marketing That Will Have An Impact On Your Business

Do you remember when ads were either printed in publications or broadcast on TV or radio? It seems like a lifetime ago, with so much marketing now occurring online. The possibilities of digital marketing are endless, and digital marketing practices are evolving all the time. You could even say it’s undergoing a perpetual makeover. So how can your business keep up with all these changes? In this blog, we’ll discuss changes in digital marketing that will impact your business and cover some of the most notable changes the industry has seen in the last few years.

  1. Mind-Boggling Amounts of Data

Analytics in the digital age is a whole new game. With an unprecedented amount of information about customers on hand, marketers can be much more strategic about their content. It’s important to figure out the “who?”, “what?”, “where?”, “when?” and “how?” of each piece of content that goes out on your digital marketing platforms, as well as the strategy informing their creation. With a team of analysts on your side, you’ll be able to use the data you receive to answer these questions.

  1. The Era of Instant Everything!

Today, people have access to virtually anything at the click of a button. Modern consumers expect instant gratification, and when they send a business a message, they hope to get a reply instantly. Direct interaction with consumers in the virtual world has never been more crucial. It helps to hire a pro to manage your business’s social media accounts and ensure you’re staying on top of incoming conversations so that potential customers never have a reason to look elsewhere.

  1. Influencers Over Celebrities

In 2019, anybody can become famous. From regular moms posting recipes on Facebook to fitness models on Instagram, social influencers are everywhere, and you can find one for even the most niche of industries. It’s not about the cult of a celebrity anymore, as it’s about who has the most clout that day. Working with an influencer makes a brand more relatable to potential customers, as they seem more real and down to earth compared to out of touch, wealthy actors, singers and sportspeople.

Feel like you can’t keep up with these changes on top of running your business? Well, you’re not supposed to. Digital marketers exist to help companies with this exact problem. To work with expert digital marketers in Auckland, then contact Sprocket Digital today.


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