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When tourism took a hit in 2020, Snopro’s founder needed a proven digital marketing agency that could deliver results and take the effort off his hands.

Justin Worth has been running Snopro Ski Hire for a decade, growing it from a foreign concept into a successful company through years of hard work. Redefining the ski hire norm in NZ, it’s an entirely online gear rental business that doesn’t have a shop or fitting room, but instead delivers gear to customers at their accommodation and fits them in the comfort of their own room. 

As a novel operation, Snopro has always faced the challenge of being found by customers who don’t know to look for them. “It’s about awareness of the brand”, explains Justin, “It’s about getting our message across to a wider audience so when they’re ready, they’re aware of our brand and our concept.” 

This year, in particular, has been challenging for the business as 60% of their regular Australian market can’t enter the country and they have to rely instead on local kiwis hitting the slopes. 

In June, while Justin was on the lookout for a digital marketing agency to help manage the newly presented challenges to his business, he came across Sprocket: 

“In the process I must have visited their website and then left again, because I was being targeted by their remarketing ads. It was quite powerful and I realised I was being targeted by Sprocket exactly how I wanted to target my own customers. I figured if they’d marketed to me that well, that’s where I’d give my business.”

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We take care of the marketing, so Snopro can focus on business.

Amidst an already challenging year for tourism, a disappointing ski season added to the struggle and drew Justin away from the management desk to step back into the hands-on day to day operations - a position he hasn’t been in since the early years of the company.

“I’ve been pretty much on the tools all year, I’ve not had much chance to delve into the financials or ROI. Normally I’d be on the desk managing all of this, but with the situation this year I needed a professional agency to manage the performance and let me focus on running my business.”

- Justin Worth, Managing Director, Snopro

Most of Snopro’s campaigns were unchanged since setup several years ago - it was time to breathe new life into the business’ advertising.

Between Justin and the Sprocket team, we were able to create a refreshed, on-brand campaign that satisfied Snopro’s preference for content-first advertising and hit the right notes to maximise conversions.

“Justin is very savvy with digital marketing and strategy, so we have a great collaborative approach where we brainstorm strategy together, and then execute and optimise based on data”.

- Harry Kidby, Senior Growth Advisor, Sprocket Digital


We've dramatically increased the return on advertising spend

Snopro only started working with Sprocket Digital in July 2020, but in the space of just a month we’ve already achieved evident results for the business. 

Snopro’s growth, July 2019 vs July 2020:

  • 20% increase in conversions
  • 17% increase in conversion rate
  • Significantly reduced cost-per-click (down from $2.14 to $0.67)
“Sprocket came in and one month later had made a huge difference - I’m getting much better value out of my ad spend now. They’ve really reduced our cost per click, so I can get more advertising for my budget”.

- Justin Worth, Managing Director, Snopro


The strength of a versatile, results-driven approach.

At Sprocket, we pride ourselves on our data-driven, results-oriented approach to digital marketing. This enables us to deliver results that matter, and show the real return on business’ advertising spend.

This was important to Justin too, when choosing a digital marketing agency to work with:

“I wanted an agency that wasn’t just specialised in one thing - I wanted a team who could do it all for me - Google display ads, eCommerce, SEO. Their agency is large enough to have the expertise in most things in the online world, but without having a massive agency that’s impersonal."

I'm a small business, I don't want to have to deal with one company for this and one company for that and another company for something else...Sprocket are versatile, while still having that personalised relationship."

“Sprocket are results-driven, and they present that data to you to prove it. They’re not going to bill you each month and then not show any results for it, like other companies can do. They’re a really great complement to our team, and I don’t have to stress because I know the job’s getting done and they’re sending us results."

- Jusrtin Worth, Managing Director - Snopro



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