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Sustaining a solid lead with Sprocket

How we helped Concrete Grind & Polish to solidify their leading presence online.

Operating across Auckland for over 20 years, Concrete Grind & Polish has built a steady reputation as an industry leader and team of experienced craftsmen. Specialising in diamond-polished concrete floors, their quality of work and workmanship speak for themselves.

But sometimes, even the best quality work needs a helping hand to get noticed by new customers. 

Like many other long-running Kiwi businesses, Concrete Grind & Polish advertised for years in the old printed Yellow Pages, and have seen the advertising world change around them through the shift to digital.

And like many of our clients, there came a point when Karen and John Chapman, owners of Concrete Grind & Polish, asked themselves “What if we could be getting more from our advertising?” 

And that’s where, in 2017, our journey began.

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In search of better service, they found Sprocket

After being with the same advertising agency for so long, it’s natural to wonder what else is out there, or whether you could be getting more bang for your marketing buck.

“As a smaller marketing agency, we at Sprocket pride ourselves on providing a more personalised offering than the larger agencies, to deliver better results for small businesses that are more fine-tuned toward their goals.”

- Dan Rack, Senior Growth Advisor - Sprocket Digital

When it came to connecting with Concrete Grind & Polish, our timing couldn’t have been more perfect for them:

“We’d been with Yellow Pages for a while, and felt we could be doing better elsewhere – if you’re not getting results, of course you’ll start looking. Dan and the team from Sprocket were smart and seemed to know their stuff. They called at the right time, and it all worked out.”

- Karen Chapman, Owner - Concrete Grind & Polish

On a mission to deliver satisfying results and show what we could do for them, Dan set to work on developing a personalised digital strategy for Concrete Grind & Polish.


From the ground up, we invested in the right places

The core of any business’ digital presence is their website, so that’s where work began.

“Sprocket assisted with developing our website, turning it into something we’re really proud of – a strong presence. When people look at it now, they feel encouraged to give us a call. People like to read the reviews and see what previous clients think … it shows them we’re a strong business.”

- Karen Chapman, Owner - Concrete Grind & Polish

Once that solid foundation was crafted, we started Google Ads campaigns to draw potential customers to their site.

In their industry, Google Ads is an essential tool for generating new leads. As Karen explains:

“People are looking for us on Google, we have to be there. We were prepared to invest in Google Ads, because we knew we had to have it, but if we were going to invest that money it had to be with a company that gets results.”

From Google Ads, our advertising strategy has naturally branched out to reach wider audiences through Facebook and Instagram marketing to deliver a fully omnichannel presence across digital media.

Maintaining Concrete Grind & Polish’s position at the top of their field

Deploying and managing a high yielding digital strategy takes more than a simple PPC campaign.

“Over the journey, a lot has changed. We’ve given a lot of guidance and advice, updated their website, and continually made changes to improve it. We started off with just Google Ads, and now we’re using an omnichannel approach involving Facebook and SEO too.”

- Dan Rack, Senior Growth Advisor - Sprocket Digital

The numbers speak for themselves – from the first month we started working with Concrete Grind & Polish, to the last 30 days (at time of writing), there’s been a 300% increase in conversions and leads generated.


The focus now has shifted from growth to maintenance, as Karen and John are content with both the scale and strength of their business.

“Now we’re just looking for quality leads. We don’t need to get any bigger – we just want lots of people phoning us for a quote – more or less what’s already happening!”

- Karen Chapman, Owner - Concrete Grind & Polish

Partnering with an experienced team is the first step you can take to growing your business online, and cementing your place in your industry. Sprocket delivers results that support your greater business goals, and we love seeing companies succeed.



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