Six steps to maximise your Instagram marketing strategy for revenue generation

Often overshadowed by its big brother Facebook, Instagram may not be an obvious choice for small businesses who are looking to expand their digital presence. 

Yet with over 200 million users visiting at least one business profile daily, and 60% of users discovering new products through the site, Instagram provides a great opportunity for businesses - eCommerce, in particular - to increase brand awareness and generate revenue. 

Using these six steps, you can optimise your Instagram business profile and incorporate it into your social media marketing strategy. Leverage the best of this platform to reach your target market, increase your traffic, and grow your business. 

1. Optimise your Instagram business profile

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, you’ll need to start by creating one. Choose a username that’s the same as - or similar to - your business name or other social media handles, so it’s easy for potential customers to find you. 

Upload a clean, clear image of your logo as your profile photo - something eye-catching and without too much detail is ideal, so customers can tell at a glance who you are. 

When it comes to writing your bio, think of your Instagram profile like you would an ad for your business: it should be concise, compelling, and include a call to action. 

You have 150 characters to capture your reader’s attention, tell them what you do and how you can help them, and encourage them to engage. It could take you a few drafts to nail this part - start by writing out what you want to say, then see how many words you can cut or exchange for shorter words without losing the meaning. Keep trimming until you’re left with a tight little action-driven bio, and don’t be afraid to use emojis as shortcuts, if appropriate! 

To make it easier for new customers to find your products or services via the Instagram search function, don’t forget to include 1-2 keywords in your bio. 

Finally, your profile needs a call to action and a clickable URL that links to a landing page (this URL can be changed as needed for promotions) to create a seamless customer experience through to your site. 

2. Engage with your audience

One vital part of social media networks is that they’re social - you have to engage with your audience if you want them to engage with you. 

As it’s become more commonplace for businesses to engage with their audience on social media, a few customer expectations have been set: 

  1. Businesses should reply to comments on their posts
  2. Businesses should share stories that users tag them in
  3. Businesses should comment on user’s posts that tag their product 

There are multiple benefits that businesses can reap from this kind of engagement - the number one being that in many cases, it’s free marketing for their products. User-generated content shares your product with a wider audience and is seen as more authentic, and therefore more trustworthy, to their followers. 

Engagement with your audience also helps Instagram’s algorithm to see that your brand is well-liked, which can improve your search rankings and recommendations.  

Finally, you can also think of this engagement with your audience as free market research - how are people interacting with your product? What do they like and not like about it? What other companies do they follow, and what needs could you fulfil?

3. Study your competitors

Competitor research is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, and Instagram is no different. 

By keeping track of your competition, you can see what’s working for them and where there are gaps in their strategy that you could fill. How are they talking about their products or services, and how could you differentiate yourself from their offering? 

Remember that it’s not all about the followers either - although your competitor may have a higher follower count, that doesn’t necessarily mean their social media marketing is more successful. Engagement is the metric that counts the most.

4. Get the most out of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories provide an opportunity for businesses to break out of the static newsfeed and connect with their followers in a different way. 

Stories disappear after 24 hours, but can be saved permanently as highlights on your profile. 50% of people surveyed by Instagram said they have bought a product or service because they saw it in Stories. 

Because of their more casual, temporary nature, Stories are best utilised for showing day-to-day updates and videos that reveal the more human side of your business. 

You could share a behind the scenes video, sneak peek of new products, run a countdown to sales, share user-generated content, demonstrate how your products are used, and get to know the members of your team. 

There are several options for stickers and question buttons to encourage audience engagement - get them to vote on which colour your new tote bags should be, make guesses on a big announcement, or let you know how much they love your designs. 

5. Sell through Instagram 

Instagram Shopping lets your users see more about your products from a simple tap on your image, streamlining the buyer’s journey and removing some of the obstacles to purchase. 

With Instagram Shopping set up, you can simply tag your products to link to more information including price, product photos and description, and send customers directly to your website to purchase. 

This makes it easier for customers to find the information they need about your products without redirecting to another site, potentially losing them in the process.

6. Advertise through Instagram ads

Through the integrated Facebook Business Manager platform, Instagram provides several different advertising formats to reach your audience - stories, photo, video, carousel and collection. 

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers the option to boost existing posts that have performed well organically, although this does come with some limitations that regular ads don’t have. 

To run an effective ad campaign through Instagram, you’ll need to figure out your campaign goals, target audience, format, and creative as part of your strategy. 

Different styles and format combinations can help you to reach a wider audience or appeal to different stages of the buyer’s journey, and an understanding of who exactly you’re targeting can help you to niche down even further to increase efficiency in your campaign. 

With a digital marketing agency like Sprocket Digital by your side, you can make the most out of Instagram for your business and use the social media platform to grow your audience and revenue. 

Our cross-channel experience means we can create integrated omnichannel marketing strategies to find the most efficient, effective way to grow your business online. 

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    Cuddle Me Baby Ltd New Zealand
    We love working with the Team at Sprocket Digital. They really take a personal interest in your business and come up with some fantastic marketing ideas, that have seen our sales grow in just the short time we have been working together. 100% trustworthy and love that they are NZ based and only a phone call away when you need them.
    Dylan Carter
    Sprocket Digital is the real deal! They have turned our company around in our initial month of working with them and I could not recommend them more.The team is super helpful always making the time to have meetings with us and answer our endless amounts of questions.We are looking forwarded to working with them for the long term!
    Beautiful You Holidays
    Covid lockdowns meant complete operational shut down for our small NZ owned business. However, in the last few months we have finally got back up and running again with the help from Josh and his Sprocket team.Their understanding, resources and communication has been unwavering in this process and we have seen measurable results month on month. Trust plays a big role in digital marketing and I believe their formula is full proof.Sprocket has had a big role to play in getting our small business back on it's feet. I couldn't recommend this company enough!
    Hybrid Bikes Ltd
    We have been working with Sprocket Digital for 3 month now and I am very happy with the team. They offer great service from analyzing our needs as a business to delivering a great action plan. I can highly recommend to any business which is looking for a fantastic marketing team. Kind regards Frank
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    Super pro-active group of professionals. Our sales have doubled in a matter of weeks and looking forward to working with Ronnie, Dan and the team for the for-seeable future.
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    Great working with the team at Sprocket Digital! We found the company friendly, accomodating, and they helped us to develop our knowledge of the business analytics
    Ketaki Rasmussen
    Sprocket has experts who can take your digital marketing to the next level, and you get personalised service with a dedicated account manager to help you achieve growth. Great to deal with.
    Glenn Walton
    Good people with excerlent skills, lead generation and communication. Thanks Team. Their performance dashboard is also awesome 👌
    Kate Mayo
    I have been working with Sprocket for a few months and am very happy that we decided to work together. A friendly team, very responsive and thorough. Harry has really taken the time to understand our business and develop strategies to help us grow.
    Louis Chan
    Sprocket have been great to deal with from the start and have brought in great results. Highly recommended :)
    Maggie from Astound Smile
    We have worked with a couple of other agencies that did not deliver and I'm impressed with the level of service, support & results we get from Sprocket. Within a few weeks of working with Sprocket, we can see immediate improvement on our sales. Harry and the team has taken the time to understand our business and continue to work on delivering results. We look forward to continue working with Sprocket to grow our business. If you are looking for a result-focused agency, you can't go wrong with Sprocket!
    Lani Wards
    We own Better to Give . We have only been working with Harry at Sprocket for a few months, but as a brand new E-Comm start up we knew we needed someone who could build our sales with fast and effective campaigns. We are very happy with our progress thus far and look forward to a long prosperous working relationship.
    Nudi Point
    FINALLY... a digital marketing company that actually gets the results. This is the 5th business I have dealt with in the last 7 years - and the only business that has proven results. Our sales have increased hugely and it's only been 1 month. Harry is amazing to work with and the whole team at Sprocket Digital know exactly what they're doing. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommend!
    Alastair Pope
    Harry and the Sprocket team have been amazing in connecting with and successfully converting a new audience for our business. During these challenging economic conditions, the additional revenue they've generated has proven to be invaluable. Their professional, transparent, and data-driven approach has rekindled my confidence in the agency model.
    Gabi Metz
    Working with Sprocket has been so easy! Like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. And the results so far have been fantastic!
    Gavin Sheppard
    Ronnie and the team at Sprocket have done an awesome job of understanding what our business needs, and helping to develop the digital marketing strategy for TankMate.
    Megan Blincoe
    We are a new Client of Sprocket and I cannot fault them! Especially Ethan, he has been so available and clearly knows what he's talking about. He has been very patient with us and has thoroughly updated and explained every part of the set up and progress to date. Highly recommend using Sprocket Digital
    Outstanding, the team at Sprocket have been tremendous, and taken our store to the next level. Ronnie and the team are on to it and get things done quickly to a high standard. If you are looking for a marketing team, this is your one stop shop for all your marketing needs!Team at
    Andrea Cummerfield
    We've been using Sprocket Digital for around 5 months and are really happy with the results. The team is super easy to deal with, nothing's a problem, highly recommend using them!
    The results speak for themselves. Our website has been lifted to the next level, in both hits & resulting translations into physical orders. Thanks Kieran & Team!
    Richie Stott
    It has been a seamless transition to Sprocket and they have delivered on the goods. Very happy with the service and results. Our account manager, Kieran is great to deal with.
    Pathik Modi
    Started working with Sprocket just before the lockdown this year and have to say I'm very impressed with the level of service, support & results we get from the company. Our account manager, Sophie has been very helpful in making us understand the process at the same time took the time to understand our needs and understood exactly what would help achieve our business goals.Highly recommend!
    Brent Alexander
    We have been working with Ronnie and the team at Sprocket for a few months now and have been stoked with the results. Super helpful, very responsive to questions and great to work with. Would highly recommend.
    Sheree Palmer
    Great Team to work with, communication is great and they are actively engaged with working with you.
    Bejoy Jose
    We have been working with Luke and the team at Sprocket for a few years. Sprocket Digital has been great to work with, very knowledgeable team of local digital marketing experts. Highly recommend!
    Daisuke Kirihara
    I have been working with Sprocket for about 6 months, and the team has delivered outstanding results, giving us one of the best return for every dollar we spent through them. I have worked with digital agencies across Asia, Europe, and NZ over 15 years, but the ROI improvement I have seen Sophie and the team deliver is best in class. If you are a result-focused marketer who needs an agency to get you results, try letting them run your campaign. It worked great for us.
    Josef Arnet
    Sprocket Digital has been great to work with and has provided great inside and addition to the digital side of our business (Kitchen Things) their SEO team is fantastic and Harrison their Email marketing specialist is an absolute savant when it comes to knowing how set up email campaigns, templates as well as automatic email flows and the logic required to make them impactful and effective for a business. They always continue to impress with the work they do.
    Lance Metz
    Sprocket has been an incredible digital marketing partner, helping us grow our monthly turnover. They are extremely helpful and are quick to respond to any needs we may have. I would highly recommend for any company looking to take on a digital transformation journey.
    Matt Boylan
    This is the second time I have used Sprocket Digital in my role as Marketing Manager for small to medium sized businesses. Given our marketing team is very small and we don't have a specific digital marketing resource internally, it gives me peace of mind knowing that all our digital needs are being outsourced to Sprocket. On both occasions of working with Sprocket, the team have very quickly got up to speed on our business. The setup is seamless and my regular meetings with the team help to identify opportunities for us to leverage. The entire team are really knowledgeable and down to earth even though they have some very experienced people working on our account. I would highly recommend Sprocket to any other business who wants expert advice and guidance on their digital marketing with an accessible and down to earth approach.
    Phillip Wards
    Harry and the team at Sprocket have done an amazing job for our start up company. It's been an absolute pleasure having them onboard, pushing our sales and helping make our business what it is today, this has only taken one month. Looking forward to many years to come.Thanks team
    Mark Chapman
    Great start with Sprocket. Particularly like the data driven methodology, transparency and friendliness.
    Chris Sinclair
    Great team to work with, we've experienced growth from day 1 and we're still going! Thank you team Sprocket Digital
    Lily Richards
    I really enjoy working with Sprocket. I've worked with them on two different projects now; they're data driven, great communicators & listeners as well as extremely good value/above board. They helped us improve our Google quality and conversions by nearly double. I would definitely recommend them.
    NZ Health Food Company
    We've been working with Sprocket Digital for a few months now and are seeing really good results. Dan and the team are great to work with and are constantly looking for opportunities to help us grow our ecommerce platform. Great communication and nothing is ever a hassle.


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