3 Build-In Facebook Tools

Navigating the Facebook Business Manager feature set can be both daunting and time-consuming. The majority of time is spent on campaign creation, audience/catalogue updates and tracking changes.

Facebook has some useful hidden tools that can help with both efficiency and the performance of your campaigns.

  1. Choosing Columns

Let’s start where most of our time is spent, Ads Manager. Setting up (and saving) the right columns can be a game-changer when it comes to saving time and understanding data.

The default columns can be a great indicator for basic data:

Facebook campaign setup

Performance: A great top-level view for basic performance & spend data. Unfortunately, it has a very blanket approach and doesn’t dynamically change depending on campaign type.

Setup: A quick overview of UTM settings, landing pages & audiences.

Engagement: The main metrics on this layout are CPCs, comments and reactions. An easy way to manage ads that are focused on driving comments.

Custom Columns: The default columns are just a starting point. Creating a custom column set is the best way to get your key performance metrics in one view. Below is an example of an eCommerce view that includes additional columns like frequency, conversion value and return on ad spend:

(Remember to hit ‘save’ on your new column set for easy access in the future)

Facebook performance data

Results from a product-specific campaign we ran for a client 

  1. Facebook Creative Hub

Although something we’ve only started using recently, it has already proven to be a huge help with managing similar ads that run across multiple campaigns. Instead of creating your ads in Ads Manager, try making them in Facebook’s Creative Hub. It provides an overview of all placements and is much easier to use.

Facebook Ad Feed

A recent campaign we ran for client acquisition

Toggle the ‘Show in Ads Manager’ option for your new ad. Now go into your Ads Manager, create a new ad and then select ‘Use mockup’. Select the appropriate mockup and you’re good to go!

Create Ad
  1. Creative Reporting

Creative Reporting is an awesome tool for larger accounts with lots of campaigns and ad sets running at once. An ad could potentially have 10(+) duplicates running across different ad sets. Creative Reporting is an easy way to aggregate the performance of the ad across all ad sets to compare with other ads. 

Ad creative

Recent campaign results for Sprocket Digital’s client acquisition campaign

Accessing Creative Reporting can be tricky depending on the version of Business Manager you’re using but here is a screenshot of where we most often find it:

Ads Manager

The above tools should be scheduled tasks in your day-to-day workload, as they should lead to vastly improved efficiency, productivity and performance within the Facebook ads ecosystem.

Want to learn more? Talk to the Team at Sprocket Digital.

Author: Tyron Zeelie – Campaign Manager at Sprocket Digital


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