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We’re the first to admit that some forms of advertising can be risky. When you create a beautiful ad for print, you have no idea if anyone will actually pick up the magazine. The same goes for radio and TV. The voiceover might be friendly and the message clear or the music and graphics cool and funky, but if the listener is distracted when your ad comes on, they might never get around to picking up the phone or opening their browser. 

These and other forms of advertising are still very popular, yet they don’t allow the advertiser to stay in control of their outcomes. The control is very much in the hands of the person being advertised to. They need to feel like picking up the right magazine and turning to the page that your advertising happens to be on; they need to be watching the right show and not decide to get up during a commercial break to put the jug on; they need to be in the car on their way home from work at the right time to hear your ad on the radio (assuming they’re not listening to the latest episode of their favourite crime podcast). 

Digital advertising might sound daunting, but it will always give you more control over your results than other forms of marketing - it’s really as simple as that.

No guessing with our paid leads, just guaranteed ROI

Paid per lead marketing takes the fear and risk out of advertising, because you only pay for what leads you get. The paid per lead process is simple. First, we sit down with each client to discuss profits, costs and conversion rates before agreeing on a fair cost per lead. From there, we put your business in front of our massive database of genuine Kiwi consumers via targeted email delivery. The end result is that you only pay for qualified leads, reducing waste of your marketing budget while maximising your ROI. 

While it might take you years to build up a solid email database, partnering with a professional digital marketing agency like Sprocket Digital takes the waiting game out of the equation altogether. Connect with real New Zealand companies and customers, and put your product or service in front of the right people at the right time.


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