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Moving your website to the top of the search engine results might be one of the most powerful things that you can do to bring in more customers. People turn to the internet when they are ready to make a purchase. Is your company visible in the results that show up? If you aren’t satisfied with your results, then you need to talk to an experienced team about strategies for SEO Auckland that can be used to improve your rankings.

Overarching Strategy for Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is more than just picking a few random keyword phrases that seem relevant to your company. Instead, you need a deliberate, proven system that will help you connect with the right demographic. This approach takes ongoing effort with both on-page and off-page techniques.
Instead of picking random keywords, you should think about the benefits of keyword clustering. This strategy incorporates relevancy into the efforts, showing the search engines the overarching theme of your website.

What is Keyword Clustering?
Clustering your keywords is a method that helps you identify related keywords, giving you more long-tail phrases that can be targeted on your website. Optimising your content for multiple longtail keywords is beneficial to increase the traffic that comes in from the search engines.
If you look at a list of clustered keywords, you will see different versions of similar keywords. But, it is important that you identify all of the potential nuances in the way customers might be searching for your services. Targeting only one or two keywords will limit the traffic that comes to your website because there are other variations that customers might be using to search for your services.
Plus, the keyword research helps you identify the subtopics that people are searching for in your niche. Not only can you improve the relevancy of your content, but you can help customers find what they are looking for in the search results.

The Goal of Keyword Clustering: Dominate a Topic
Instead of working to rank for a few keywords here and there, keyword clustering increases the possibilities that you can dominate a niche. Multiple blog posts and pages with varying groups of keywords contribute to a broader topic. Your website will establish relevancy and authority, helping customers find your services.

At Sprocket Digital, we understand the best SEO Auckland strategies to improve your online results. Contact us to tap into the 20+ years of experience that we offer our clients. We are here to assist with all of your online marketing needs.


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