Three Reasons PPC Campaigns Fail

There are thousands of blogs on the internet with hacks for “quick and easy” strategies on how to make your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads convert better. Content on this might help with SEO, but it won’t help you create winning PPC campaigns. Creating high performing search campaigns is no simple task. Here are three things to avoid that cause failure.


1. Don’t Follow What Others Are Doing

Following the herd doesn’t always work for everyone. Don’t obsessively search for competitors or prioritise your strategy around outranking them on the search page. Focus on your own activity, and strive to achieve the best cost/conversion possible through ongoing split testing optimisation.

Know your audience, and understand what drives them. Gather data, promote offers that users would be interested in, and clearly communicate your unique selling points.


2. Not Understanding The Customer Journey

Before you run a PPC campaign, ask yourself if you have truly considered the customer pathway. You’ll need to put more effort into your campaign than just tweaking settings and ad copy. To take performance to the next level, you’ll need to think tactfully. 

Ask yourself what action you want your consumer to take. Hint: it’s not to simply “click on my ad.” Start at the end of the customer journey. If you’re a travel agent with a holiday on special, then the action you want them to take is to book a holiday using the special you have on offer. If you own a party venue, you want your customers to book your venue for their next event over your competitor.

Make sure that the journey you’re creating is simple and straightforward. If there are too many steps involved, your conversion rates will suffer.


3. Not Testing Your Ad Copy

Keeping your customer in mind, start focusing on writing better ad copy. Most PPC managers will look at trends, the content their competitors use, and borrow from marketing materials from previous campaigns. Once again, this links up with understanding the customer journey.

How can you write ad copy aimed at an audience you don’t know or understand? Focus on who you want to engage with your campaign, and then write copy specifically for them with the action you want them to take. Don’t worry about copying what your competitors are doing, and don’t use old marketing materials that you used before.



If you want to create a successful PPC campaign, the above tips should help take your conversions to the next level. It’s always better to rely on the data you have and create your own campaign than to copy competitors or follow “best practices.” Remember to keep focused and to keep testing your message.



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