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Having a digital marketing company on your side means that you have someone on top of all things you’re doing that are marketing related. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the things that this company will be doing for you, but just because someone else is managing it on your behalf doesn’t mean you should opt out of knowing what’s happening in the industry.
It’s important for you as a business owner to stay abreast of upcoming SEO trends. Even though you may feel that the technicalities of it aren’t relevant to you, these upcoming SEO trends will shape your future strategies, marketing and results.

Mobile Is Key
In 2019, a trend that will continue to gain traction is search engines like Google favouring websites that are mobile friendly. The best way to be prepared for this is to make sure that you have an up and running mobile site that’s both responsive and user-friendly. It should be easy to read and navigate on even the smallest screen.

Faster Than Light
2019 will continue to be all about speed. With our busy lives, the quicker we can do things the better. We predict that search engines will continue to prioritise web pages that load instantly and are easier and faster to access. This means making sure that any images, video or content you add doesn’t hamper your site loading time.

A Squeaky Clean Reputation
Actively managing your reputation in 2019 is something that will contribute positively to your SEO efforts. Ensuring that customers are happy with your products and services is one of the best ways to gain more customers and clients, as your business will spread faster through positive word of mouth. Managing this online means encouraging customers to leave reviews on social media pages and your Google Listing.

Google enjoys adding new trends and reinventing the wheel, making sure that the world follows suit. Because it’s ever-changing and constantly developing, you can’t get settled too quickly in your ways. Getting a digital marketing company like Sprocket Digital to help you stay on track of all the emerging trends to do with SEO will make sure that your business doesn’t get left behind.


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