The Ultimate SEO Checklist For Creating The Perfect Location Page

With local SEO more prominent than ever, your business needs to realise that its location page isn’t just a web page to list your address. You can now optimise your location page to be on the first listing on a SERP when people search for your services nearby, which will help generate leads and traffic. Create the perfect location page with this local SEO checklist.

1. NAP

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone. It should be an exact match on every platform, social media profile and web page. Even though some SEO experts say an exact match isn’t necessary, it can’t hurt to have the right information on relevant pages.


2. Photographs

Photos are essential for a location page, and many businesses are missing out on the various opportunities that their images can present. Interior images are suitable for providing an idea of what consumers can expect. For spas, restaurants and healthcare providers, interior photos can be a deciding factor.

Exterior photos are also crucial for location page optimisation. Exterior images should contain available parking, signage, landmarks and nearby businesses which would make it easier for a consumer to find.


3. Business Location Descriptions

Many businesses struggle because they have poorly written descriptions. In fact, some even use the same description on multiple pages and platforms for different branches but change the city name. Try to avoid this. Each location page should be unique, as each profile and branch are unique.

If you want to be original, there are a few things that you can do on each location page to make sure your descriptions are creative:

  •         Your Services On Offer – Mention services which vary per location. If you only provide delivery at one branch, then it should be mentioned on that branch’s location page alone.
  •         Your Products/Brands – Mention popular brands or products that are sold nearby for people who are searching for them.
  •         Locations Nearby – Mention well-known places close to your store, to create more interest.
  •         Menu – Showcasing your menu is imperative for businesses such as restaurants, cafes and bakeries.
  •         Unique Sales Pitch – Indicate reasons why each location is unique compared to other branches, or better than competitors nearby.

4. Helpful And Compelling CTAs

Compelling calls to action are essential. It should never be a suggestion. Because they’re calling your users to take action, you’ll want your users to make contact – especially because location pages usually have contact details or links to social media platforms.

5. Directions To The Business

Including directions to your business is helpful for the most apparent reason – it helps visitors find you without trouble. However, it’s also beneficial to naturally work in geo-specific keywords into your written copy.

Using an embedded map is also practical, especially for franchised businesses. Your users can use it to see which location is closer to them and if it’s located in a mall or shopping centre.



Your location pages are vital to the success of your business, as it provides essential information about how your consumers can find you. By investing time and money into local SEO efforts, you’ll increase traffic and sales. Use this checklist to ensure that you have the best location page possible.

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