A Different Way To Think About PPC Ad Copy

Ad copy has been subject to multiple changes on Google Ads over the years. Although the concept of ad copy is basic, there have been significant shifts between split testing two different ads, and it’s now recommended that you test three or five for each ad group. This opens up a few things to consider – so here are a few ways to think about PPC Ad copy that you haven’t considered.


Testing Themes

Instead of changing words, phrases or slogans, try changing your theme. If you’re running up to five ads or more in each ad group with varying differences in each, you might want to try this. When you test themes on different ad groups, you’re actually testing how your audiences respond to new ideas. It also provides the opportunity to reach audiences in a different way, which will provide more insight into what drives your target audience.

Sometimes data can be surprising. Maybe digital marketers think they know their audiences well enough or stereotype what drives their decisions. Testing themes allows you to gather unbiased data so that you can make better decisions and come up with new ideas on how to create conversions.


Detailed Demographics

After testing themes, copy and ads, you should have a decent amount of data on your target audience. Although it depends on the product or service, people usually have different problems which can be solved with the same thing. For example, people without jobs will have different issues compared to people who are employed, and people who don’t have children won’t have the same challenges as parents do.

How do you do this? Take a look at your detailed demographics, and use the data you have gathered during your testing phase to target groups that you can speak to directly.

Detailed demographics is when you organise your target audience into groups with similarities, for example, the young professional group, parents with young children group, or single academics group.

When writing your PPC ad copy, try to write copy that these demographics will relate to. You can test each ad to gauge the response and narrow your target audience down further.


Remarketing Lists

Similar to detailed demographics, remarketing your services to consumers who’ve already been converted is a great way to create PPC ad copy. You already know what they respond to, and you want repeat business. Therefore, remarket your products or services to leads which were generated previously in a way that you know that will engage them. You can also use this opportunity to test new products or services on these audiences.



When writing PPC ad copy, you don’t need to be bound to what has always been done. If you want ad campaigns to be successful, thinking outside of the box could prove beneficial. Often, the traditional manner of approaching ad copy gets outdated and boring. When you start creating the ad copy for your next campaign, put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Their perspective could give you ideas about PPC campaigns and how to write more successful ad copy.

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