Paid Vs Organic Search

When you are designing a new online marketing campaign, is it better to focus on organic or paid traffic? This debate can be a point of concern for business owners. Not only do you want to optimise your results that come from the marketing efforts, but these efforts can help you manage your spending on the project. Before you jump into uncharted territory, it is important that you lean on the expertise that comes from a digital agency in Auckland.

Benefits of Paid and Organic Traffic

The truth is that there are benefits that come from both paid and organic website traffic. Instead of trying to decide between the two strategies, you should be looking for solutions that incorporate both methods for your marketing efforts.

Business owners want to see fast, immediate results when they invest in an online marketing system. Sometimes, it is hard to wait for several months to see the organic results pay off in the future. During this time when you are waiting to see the traffic come from Search Engine Optimisation, don’t overlook the benefits that are available from paid traffic.

Using paid advertising is like turning on a faucet of new customers who are looking for your services. You have the opportunity to turn the traffic flow up based on the amount of money that is spent on the ads. There is no waiting period for paid advertising. Once the ads are turned on, the customers will start coming right away.

Two-Part Strategy for Online Marketing

The best solution is to use a two-part strategy that creates both immediate and long-term results. Leverage the benefits of paid advertising to bring in immediate customers for your company. These efforts will help to jumpstart your campaign, giving you the resources that are needed to pay for future marketing costs.

At the same time, you should also be working on the organic search engine results. These ongoing efforts build a freight train of results that will create a natural flow of traffic to your website. Even if you stop the paid ads, you will love the traffic that keeps coming from organic results.

Customised Marketing Strategy

Do you want to learn more about the best combination of paid and organic online marketing efforts? Then you need to talk to our team at Sprocket Digital for a personalized marketing plan. We offer more than 20 years of hands-on experience, ensuring that our customers receive the best strategies for their marketing efforts. Call us today to schedule a consultation for your business.


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