Optimise Your Paid Search Ads For More Phone Calls

Has the phone-call era come to an end? Most service providers now have functional and informative websites and social media pages, so there doesn’t seem to be as much of a need to pick up the phone and call a business. However, for complicated tasks such as insurance claims, applying for home loans and healthcare services, doing everything online doesn’t cut it. Most people will need assistance from a person who understands their situation, and who speaks their language.

If you operate a business in such an industry and your phones aren’t ringing the way they used to, you may be able to optimise your search ads to get more calls from customers. Here’s how.

1. Show A Readiness To Assist Callers
If it’s important to you that your customers call in for whatever then need, whenever they need it, you should let them know that you’re available. In addition, you need to send the message that a real person will be on the other end of the line, not an automated recording. Even though your audience is finding you online first, they still want to connect with a person. Make sure that the ads they see online have a compelling call to action to encourage them to pick up the phone.

2. Cater To Users On Mobile
The majority of our internet usage is done on our smartphones. Immediately, you should be taking advantage of the fact that people on your website, online ad or landing page already have their mobile phones in their hand. Instead of forcing your leads to scramble for a pen, optimise your adverts with a click-to-call button that allows prospects to call you immediately, before thinking twice. You could even A/B test some adverts and track your calls to see which are optimised generating a phone call.

3. Location-Specific Targeting
Because we use our mobiles for almost everything we do online, the results will almost always be specific to the location. In addition, when you have a problem, you’ll more often be looking for a service provider close by than someone on the other side of the city. If your local SEO efforts are done effectively, your online ads will be at the top of the list, with your phone number listed – prompting viewers to call you immediately.

4. Call Extensions
Google call extensions are ad extensions that enable your business to display its phone number directly in the search result advertisement. On smartphones, a clickable phone call button is displayed in the ad, making it very easy for people on the go to immediately get in touch.

If you’re relying on your online ads to attract more callers to your business, the solution is simple. Use location-specific targeting achieved by effective local SEO strategies, cater to mobile users and show a willingness to assist, and your call rates will improve.


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