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SEO Tricks to Optimise Video Content

Publishing a video online isn’t enough to bring in the potential traffic from your efforts. Not only do you need to ensure the quality of the video, but you also need to consider important video SEO strategies that will help your content rank in the search engines.Today we discuss ways to optimise video content.

Video SEO: What is it?

Video content can be optimised to show the search engines the relevance of the content that you are publishing. The goal is to design the content in a manner that helps your site or video page to show up in the results when people are searching for your services. These organic video rankings will not only increase the number of views on each video, but you can bring target customers to your website.

People love video content, and so do the search engines. No one has the time or desire to read long-form text articles any more. Instead, they would rather watch a short video clip that covers the necessary information. Social media has changed the way customers interact with online content, and video is a foundational piece in the current industry.

SEO Tips for Your Videos

Whether you are publishing videos on your website, Facebook, YouTube, or other social platforms, there are a few simple SEO tips that can be used to optimise your results:

Select a Catchy Headline: Not only does the headline need to capture the attention of the viewers, but you can also be strategic about the placement of keywords.

Name the Video File: The video file name is another place where you can insert the target keyword. For example, instead of using a generic file name like “video 4 episode 7,” title the video “plumbing services Auckland.”

Create an Interesting Description: The description will impact the person’s decision to watch the video. The description needs to be compelling. Plus, you have another opportunity to place keywords in the content for SEO purposes.

Strategic Video Publishing: It’s a bad idea to spam the internet by publishing the video on every platform you can find. Instead, be strategic with the placement of the content. For example, you might publish the video on YouTube and your business Facebook page. Then, embed the YouTube video in a blog post located on your website.

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