Improve Search Engine Results by Avoiding High Competition Keywords

It is easy to see why business owners want to target the biggest and best keywords for their online marketing campaigns. If a specific keyword is pulling in thousands of searches every month, then it makes sense to target that keyword for SEO and paid advertising, right? The truth is that the results will vary depending on the industry and building campaigns based on this alone will often lead to tears. Today we look at how to improve search engine results.

Keyword Competition and SEO

Choosing a highly competitive keyword for an SEO campaign means that it takes a lot of work to make a dent in your rankings. Yes, it is possible to achieve a good ranking for the keyword if put enough time into this, but it can be hard to see a Return on Investment if there is too much competition for that keyword.

Instead of putting all of your resources into one keyword phrase, it is better to diversify your efforts by targeting multiple long-tail keywords. Choose phrases that are highly relevant to your business, while considering the lower competition data at the same time.

Example of Effective Keyword Planning

For example, if you are trying to rank for “plumbing,” then it can be hard to rank for applicable services in your local area. The competition is high, and you might not connect with potential customers who are nearby. Someone might be looking for DIY plumbing advice and stumble on your website. But, these visits never turn into appointments.

Instead, target specific services and local areas. You might try using the keyword like “drain cleaning in Auckland,” which will help you connect with customers who are looking for the service that you offer. This phrase will have less competition, and it is highly relevant to your company.

Revenue Over Rankings

While is may seem tempting to chase the search terms connected to large search volume it makes far more sense to work towards proven phrases that have delivered actual leads/sales to your business. SEO campaigns created around on conversion data will achieve far more success than those based on assumptions.

If you want to learn more about the right direction for your campaign, talk to the Team at Sprocket Digital. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have a huge amount of experience in running successful online marketing strategies for local businesses.


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