Googles Algorithm Changes In The Last Year And What It Means For You

Google is not idle. There have been over 3,200 changes made by the search engine in the last year, which means that your business shouldn’t be idle either. If you want to stay current and keep up with the search engine, you should invest in maintenance/improvements of your website. 3,200 changes is a lot of effort to improve a search engine and its usability. It makes sense, though, as Google’s algorithm is a highly complex mathematical equation, which relies on hundreds – if not thousands – of variables to ensure that search, SEO, usability, analytics are functional.

Here are a few changes that Google has made in the last year, and what it means for you and your website.


What Are The Changes Being Made?

Some of the alterations made by Google over the years have been visible, in the launching of new features such as a new Operating System, updates to Google Assistant, and Pixel 4 – which is set to be launched in October.

Some improvements have come in the form of regular updates, which are meant to keep our search results relevant, as content often changes as well. Other amendments have been attempts to fix what’s broken – issues with Google which have been identified by users, SEO experts, and personnel within external businesses.


These Changes Can Take Time

Alterations to Google’s auto-suggestion predictions in organic search, and in its knowledge panel, happen quickly. However, any modification that occurs within core web results takes longer. Search features are simple to correct and implement; however, getting to the route of an issue in ranking requires time before you’ll see results.


Why Does It Matter To Us?

SEO is an ever-changing entity. If there’s one thing that you can expect during your ranking efforts, is that SEO won’t be the same as you knew it a year ago. Google is dedicated to improving SEO in updates to the algorithm so that sites rank well. Therefore, if you’re working on ranking your website, you can’t settle for what you know. If SEO is continuously updating, then you must always be learning. Keep up to date with relevant changes, and what is current. Your site must continue to improve if you want to gain in ranking and maintain a high position.



With the improvements that Google is continuously implementing, make sure that you keep up. The changes are meant to improve your Google experience, as well as improve how your website ranks over time. If you don’t, you’ll fall behind your competitors. Stay active, and you’ll see your rankings increase.

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