Google Shopping for your business

It’s difficult to believe that the world of online shopping has existed for about three decades now. The novelty never seems to wear off, but that’s because the landscape is ever changing. From the early days of Amazon at the beginning of the 1990s to the highly competitive environment that we know now, growth and change have always been inevitable. Let’s look at Google Shopping for your business!

Google Shopping is a feature that’s been gaining traction over the last few years. Not only is it changing the way that businesses advertise, but it seems to be affecting the way that search engine users make buying decisions as well. With significantly high conversion rates, the image-based ad platform is making waves in the virtual shopping world. Think of it as an online window-shopping platform that could lead the right customers to you and let them decide if they want what you’re selling before they even visit your website.

Here’s how you can make the most of Google Shopping with advice from our expert digital marketers.

Google Shopping Step #1: Create A Solid Foundation With Your Google Shopping Feed
The best place to start is your feed. The products you advertise must be accompanied by the right targeted keywords to send clients your way. It’s a tough task to do alone, so don’t be afraid to get a technical team in to build the foundation with you.

Google Shopping Step #2: Work To Improve Campaigns Constantly
Advertising is never a one-off job. Any successful business will tell you that the foundation is only enough to get you started on this journey. From there, your business must use research and data analytics to continuously optimise the campaign.

Google Shopping Step #3: Optimise – Keep Your Eye On The Prize
The image you attach isn’t all there is to your online shopping window. You must continuously test and learn, from website text right through to keyword selection. This makes up for whatever the image doesn’t convey on its own.

Call In A Team Of Seasoned Pros To Guide You Through The Steps
Does this sound like lots of hard work? That’s because it is, but that shouldn’t be cause for concern. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always rope in an expert to help you along the journey. Contact Sprocket Digital to kickstart your Google Shopping efforts.


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