Four Strategies for Converting Bottom of the Funnel Prospects

1. Remarketing

Remarketing is the king at bottom of the conversion funnel. It is cheap, highly targeted, and effective. If you are yet to implement a remarketing strategy, you should do so immediately. 

In order this to be as successful as possible, you should:

  • Segment remarketing visitors into separate audience pools (as long as you have enough data). I.e. 0-7 days / 7-14 days / 14-30 days.
  • Create a past customer audience, so that it can be excluded from remarketing activity. Note: Specific customer focused cross sell campaigns can actively target past customers under a separate strategy
  • Include a call-to-action in the ad copy that has a direct link to purchase
  • Use Google / Facebook product feeds to serve dynamic ads that show products a user has browsed in past sessions on your website

2. Testimonials

When a potential customer reaches the bottom segment of a marketing funnel, they become more interested in clear evidence that your business can provide the quality product / service that has been promised. Understandably, they want to hear that from someone other than you. They require social proof to validate their decision before making it – which is why it is important to  increase purchase confidence via testimonials on product pages. Product reviews are good, image reviews are better, video reviews are the holy grail. 

A good way to boost online reviews is by emailing past customers a few days after items have been delivered, and incentivise them to leave a review on your website by offering discount codes for future purchases.

3. Discount Codes

Discount codes can be very useful for making an irresistible offer to prospects that are at the decision stage of the conversion process. This offer needs to be an unexpected sweetener that dramatically improves the odds of generating a purchase outcome.  

For example, offering free delivery or a discount at the crucial decision making moment can often lead to a step change in your overall conversion rate. Recent studies on online consumers have shown that:

  • 60% of consumers claim that discount codes lead them to try new products
  • 53% admit that discount codes can make them choose a brand they would typically not consider
  • 72% consider a purchase as ‘saving money’ when using discounts

Source: 2020 Valassis Consumer Intel Report

4. Pre-purchase Cross Sell / Upsells

This is the area most often ignored when it comes to marketing strategy. It almost seems counterintuitive to offer a potential customer a more expensive item when they are already considering one of your products. However, there are some clever, non-intrusive ways to pull this off without annoying potential customers. 

  • Keep these suggestions to the product, cart and purchase pages
  • Highlight the fact that these are only suggestions based on social proof (what other users have purchased / reviewed with 5 stars)
  • Maintain relevance – these suggestions must be similar to the initial product that  is viewed / purchased
  • Easy to ignore – a user should be able to ignore the suggestion and continue to purchase the initial product without interruption
  • Quick to accept – a user should be able to accept the suggestion with a single click

When these four strategies are implemented in unison, you should see a step change in conversion rates for bottom funnel prospects, which in turn should help your business reach new revenue heights, without much additional marketing investment. 

If you need more information or any help along the way, reach out to one of Sprocket Digital’s Growth Advisors for a no-obligation assessment.


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