The power of email marketing continues to grow and, therefore, so does the importance of getting it right. Grow your audience, increase sales and encourage customer retention with epic email marketing campaigns starting with this expert guide. Keep your campaigns current, engaging and insightful for an all-round healthier brand. Here’s how to get started.

Tip 1

The first things to consider when it comes to email marketing is the who, what and why?

– Who is it for? Who are your customers?
– What do they want and need?
– Why is the email necessary? Customers:
You need to first find out as much as you can about your customer base. Do you know enough to have a clear target audience? Where does your audience live, how old are they, what do they buy online and how much do they spend? The aim is for your product to fill a need or solve a problem for them. It’s time to ask yourself the important questions to get on your way towards a successful strategy. What’s the main goal:
– Increase subscriptions
– Increase average checkout value
– Something else

Tip 2

Now you’ve thought about the basics you need to collect email addresses. There are a few ways to encourage users to subscribe to your newsletters. Here’s how:

1. Sign-up form on the website: You can use a form builder to add a subscribe box to your website. This will often be embedded on your ‘contact’ page prompting users to input their name, email address and any other information you require. If you use location segments, ask where users live. If you use SMS, ask for their phone number. Just remember, every question is another touchpoint and the more information you ask for the more chance of users failing to subscribe. If you don’t need to know their date of birth, for example, don’t gather that information.
2. Pop-ups: You can set these to popup on certain web pages after a certain amount of time, prompting users to subscribe.
3. Flyouts: Similar to popups but they appear from the edge of a page, but are a little less intrusive than a large popup that has to be exited.

But what is the incentive for users to subscribe? It’s good practice to offer something as a reward for subscribing. “Subscribe now and receive a 15% discount code” or “Sign up today and get free delivery on your first purchase”.

Tip 3
You’ve now considered your audience and attracted a heap of subscribers. Here comes the most important part; what types of email and content will you be publishing? There are 3 main types of messaging you will want to convey: – New product launches
– Sale promotions
– Company announcements

Promoting new products informs your audience about in-stock products they can buy today. You can also create a sense of urgency with lines such as “as stocks last” or mentioning products are “limited edition”.

Use your customer data to segment your email list. Ensure you’re only sending emails to those who would be interested in receiving them. There is no point in advertising a product to a customer who has already bought one or sending a special offer to a customer who has already used it. This is where a specialist digital agency can help.

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